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When Can The IRS Put A Tax Lien On Your Property

A tax lien from the IRS is a serious issue. When you don’t pay back taxes in full, the IRS has the legal right to come after your property. One way they can do this is with an IRS tax lien. Levy and Associates tax attorneys and CPAs have years of experience working successfully to negotiate tax relief or other solutions with the IRS.

A tax lien is when the IRS places a claim on a piece of property that you own, such as a house, car, or boat, giving them a legal claim to the proceeds of that property. If you sell your house with an IRS lien on it, the IRS will get any profits that you make, up to what you owe in taxes, penalties, and interest.

Contact Levy and Associates immediately if you receive notification that the IRS is going to put a lien on your property. We can work with the IRS to stop a lien process, or to negotiate its removal if one is already established.

Levy Associates is ready to help when you need tax resolution services, owe back taxes, have an IRS tax levy or lien, or need audit representation.

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