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Do Tax Liens Expire?

When you fail to make federal or state tax payments willingly, the government ma [...]
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Will The IRS Take My Refund for Child Support?

If you've failed to pay child support, the government may take special measures [...]
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What’s the Difference Between a Tax Lien and a Tax Levy?

The process of paying off tax debts can be confusing. When a taxpayer owes money [...]
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What Is a Notice of Levy and What Happens When You Receive One?

Have you received a notice of levy from the IRS? Understanding what this documen [...]
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What Are the IRS Penalties for Late Filing?

Did life get in the way of you filing your taxes on time? Maybe you missed the d [...]
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Tax Relief Services: What to Expect and How They Can Help You

Our current tax system can be overwhelming. Even if you believe that you paid al [...]
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