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In Need of Tax Help in Atlanta?

Over our long history of reliable service, the Levy Group’s main priority has consistently been to help anyone in need of financial guidance, whether they be a large client or a small business. Our team of experienced tax professionals in Atlanta are trained in viewing every unique case with an eye for resolving all tax matters.

Our Tax Help Team Consists Of:

We’re trained in tackling a wide range of areas, specifically back taxes help and the withdrawal of penalties for our clients, who have included countless businesses, groups, and individuals. We work towards resolving our clients tax issues with the IRS by offering solutions for wage garnishmentIRS auditstax liens and tax levies.

Tax Help Solutions Offered:

Tax Audit Help: Representation During Reviews

Discovering that your finances are under IRS review can be the source of stress for many people, though this is usually due to the fact that simple corrections are needed. However, if a more serious audit is determined, it’s vital that we’re able to find precise records for your finances and can represent you if needed. Steps like these can be the difference between a severe penalty or not.

Back Tax Help for Those Who Missed Deadlines

Missed deadlines are often easily resolved, but if accumulated over a long time, the interest and penalties can become very difficult to deal with. The best thing to do in this situation is to file your return whether you can pay it in full or not, as this puts you in a better position with the IRS and may make you eligible for a payment plan.

However, if you feel that the situation has reached a point that is too severe for you to handle, seeking our help will set you on track to resolving your unpaid liabilities and being free of the burden of an overwhelming tax debt.

Tax Debt Help for More Serious Penalties

One circumstance that is extremely difficult to deal with without the help of tax professionals is that in which very severe penalties are incurred due to long-standing financial issues involving the IRS, such as levies and liens. We understand that it can be unnerving to have your property in a position of insecurity, and so we take great lengths to ensure that these harmful burdens are removed as quickly as possible.

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We’re always available if you would like advice about any tax-related situation, whether it be very serious or very mundane, so don’t hesitate to book a consultation.

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