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In Need of Tax Help in Georgia?

Over our long history of reliable service, the main priority of Levy & Associates has been to help anyone in need of financial guidance and assistance with taxes, whether they’re a large client or a small business. 

Our team of experienced tax professionals in Atlanta is trained in approaching every unique case with an eye for resolving all tax matters. We’ll work quickly, efficiently, and determinedly to resolve your Georgia tax issues.

Our Tax Help team consists of:

We are trained in tackling a wide range of areas, specifically back taxes help and the withdrawal of penalties for our clients, who have included countless businesses, groups, and individuals. Levy & Associates works towards resolving our clients’ tax issues with the IRS by offering solutions for wage garnishment, IRS audits, tax liens, and tax levies.

Here’s what you can expect from our Georgia tax help solutions:

Georgia Tax Laws

Georgia tax laws exist to collect funds for the state. Georgia uses taxpayer money to support roads and other types of essential infrastructure, programs, and services like public schools. While no one relishes paying taxes, it is part of our obligations as citizens.

Consequently, we recommend making yourself informed on both state and federal tax laws to prevent any surprises come tax season. You already pay enough into federal taxes—state taxes on top of that can make your burden feel overwhelming.

How do you afford back taxes when you do not have the money? Thankfully, there are several different ways to approach tax relief. Before we get into that discussion, let us examine critical tax laws you need to know in the state of Georgia.

Fortunately, Georgia is fairly straightforward when it comes to filing taxes. It mandates the traditional state taxes, including property tax and sales tax. Georgia’s individual income tax depends on the federal adjusted gross income, adjustments (required by Georgia law), and the taxpayer filing requirements.

Georgia remains one of the top states for retirees, as it is tax-friendly to the demographic. Social Security income is exempt from tax in Georgia. Furthermore, up to $35,000 of most types of retirement income is tax-free for anyone between the ages of 62-64. The exemption climbs to $65,000 per year after retirees reach the age of 65.

Meanwhile, the state sales tax remains low compared to other parts of the nation. While the sales tax rate does fluctuate, it has consistently remained around four percent for the last several years. Additionally, prescription drugs and certain medical devices are exempt from sales and use tax.

Tax Audit Help: Representation During Reviews

Discovering that your finances are under IRS review can be a source of extreme stress for many people. The majority of cases, though, are usually triggered by the need for more information or some simple corrections. 

However, if you’re facing a more serious audit, it is vital that we are able to locate precise records of your finances and offer you strong representation. Contacting our qualified tax professionals could be the difference between a severe penalty and clearing your audit without issue.

Georgia Tax Relief

Dealing with taxes, especially audits and tax levies, is stressful and time-consuming. Levy & Associates wants to help make everything significantly more manageable for you. That’s why our tax agency has been committed to assisting taxpayers for decades.

If you are struggling to pay your bills and eliminate tax debt, then it is time to contact Levy & Associates. We’re pleased to provide Georgia tax relief regardless of the severity of your issue.

Levy & Associates Georgia tax relief services include:

Levy & Associates is available at 800-TAX-LEVY. We provide an initial consultation that costs you absolutely nothing. At that first meeting, we’ll discuss the details of your case and your options. Then, we can move forward with the best possible solution.

Georgia Tax Settlement

An Offer in Compromise may allow you to settle your tax debt for less or nothing at all, depending on the circumstances. A knowledgeable tax professional at Levy & Associates can determine whether you qualify for this approach to Georgia tax settlement.

Another solution for Georgia tax settlement is an installment agreement. This allows you to resolve tax debt by paying monthly installments like a credit card payment. Not sure which of these avenues is the best approach for your unique situation? Learn more by contacting Levy & Associates today.

Back Tax Help for Those Who Missed Deadlines

Missed deadlines are often easily resolved, but if accumulated over a long time, the interest and penalties can become very difficult to deal with. The best thing to do in this situation is to file your return whether you can pay it in full or not, as this puts you in a better position with the IRS and may make you eligible for a payment plan.

However, if you feel that the situation has reached a point that is too severe for you to handle, seeking our help will set you on track to resolving your unpaid liabilities and being free of the burden of overwhelming tax debt.

Tax Debt Help for More Serious Penalties

One circumstance that is extremely difficult to deal with without the help of tax professionals is when very severe penalties are incurred due to long-standing financial issues involving the IRS, such as levies and liens. We understand that it can be unnerving to have your property in a position of insecurity, so we take great lengths to ensure that these harmful burdens are removed as quickly as possible.

Georgia Audit Defense

Most people remember the moment they first learned about an audit. It is comparable to having to visit the DMV or a hospital. No one wants to go, but you do not have much of a choice. 

 Dealing with the IRS is time-consuming, stressful, and exhausting. Thankfully, Levy & Associates attempts to make the process easier by supporting and representing you every step of the way. We work with the IRS personally, so you can resume your duties at work or at home.

We coordinate all correspondence and make sure you are meeting all your obligations with the IRS during the audit to remain in compliance. Our primary objective is to receive a favorable outcome and resolve the audit as soon as possible.

Georgia Lien & Levy Help

Tax liens place a hold on assets like your property, business, vehicles, or tools. This prevents you from selling the property to resolve tax debt. A tax levy allows the government to seize your personal assets to recoup losses from back taxes. 

As a taxpayer, your goal should be to prevent a tax lien or levy from ever being put on your name. However, if you already received a notice, it is time to take action before it is too late!

Taxpayers who have received a notice of a tax lien or levy have very little time to act and fight the process through an appeal. You need to take prompt action before you lose access to your possessions.

Don’t Wait—Seek Georgia Tax Help Today

If you would like to discuss any tax-related situation, whether it be very serious or very mundane, Levy & Associates is here for you. We hope that you reach out for a free consultation as soon as possible so that we can get your situation resolved quickly and efficiently. Contact us today at 800-TAX-LEVY or through our online form.

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