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In Need of Tax Help in Birmingham?

Having made a name for ourselves as a reliable and effective tax consultant firm all across the US, the Levy Group is experienced with a vast range of circumstances and methods of tax resolution. As a result we’re able to tackle any problems or worries you may have, whether these be small issues with the IRS or persistent financial difficulty, all of which can be overwhelming. Our priority is helping our clients on their way to financial stability, and has been since our beginning.

Our Tax Help Team Consists Of:

Our support covers a range of areas, such as the removal of penalties with appropriate grounds as well as help with back taxes. We pay particular attention to issues involving the IRS, including tax levies, IRS auditswage garnishment and tax liens, as we understand that these are frequent worries for our clients and can be quite difficult to approach.

Our office for tax consultation in Birmingham upholds the same high standard of service as all of our other locations.

Tax Help Solutions Offered:

Tax Audit Help: Representation During Reviews

We understand the pressure of facing an IRS review, despite the fact that most of the time these reviews are merely procedure. However, in the case of a more worrying review, our dependable tax audit help is available to anyone in need of representation or guidance. We know how to find exact records and effectively meet the demands of the IRS.

Back Tax Help for Those Who’ve Missed Deadlines

Missing return deadlines and failing to pay your liabilities can quickly lead to overwhelming financial consequences as penalties and interest accumulate. We’ve found that the most effective way of tackling this problem is to act quickly and show the IRS that you’re not avoiding paying the amount that you owe, even if you can’t pay the complete amount. We can help you to resolve the problem before it becomes too difficult to handle.

If you already feel like you’re in too deep, the sooner you contact an expert tax help group like ours, the easier it will be for us to return you to some sort of financial stability.

Tax Debt Help for More Serious Penalties

We understand the damaging effects of incurring very severe penalties from the IRS due to long-standing debt and so we’re trained in facing these issues and easing the threat they place on your daily life. No matter your situation, we can represent you and work to get your property released or liens lifted as quickly as possible.

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