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Experienced in all areas of tax resolution, our Boston tax professionals are prepared to help any client who is in need of tax support. Levy & Associates has a reputation for excellence across all our areas of service, from helping our clients deal with the IRS to resolving long-standing financial problems.

Our tax help team consists of:

Our tax services include help with back taxes as well as working towards penalty abatement, and we accept a broad spectrum of clients in order to offer assistance to anyone in need. With proven solutions for problems like wage garnishment, IRS audits, tax liens, and tax levies, we’re able to help our clients overcome financial challenges and gain peace of mind.

Here are just some of the tax help solutions we offer:

Massachusetts Tax Laws

Every citizen must pay federal taxes in addition to fulfilling their state tax obligations. When it comes to Massachusetts tax laws, residents of the state are required to pay a property tax, sales tax, and business tax.

Massachusetts also enforces taxes on certain products like fuel, tobacco, and liquor. Gasoline is also taxed by cents per gallon, in addition to annual sales tax rates. The sales tax enables Massachusetts and other states to provide essential services for residents. Taxes take care of schools, roads, and other infrastructure, for example. 

Massachusetts taxes are collected every year along with your federal return. The traditional deadline is April 15, although the coronavirus pandemic caused many states (including Massachusetts) to push the deadline back to July.

Massachusetts personal income tax laws are straightforward. A person’s income is generally taxed at a rate slightly below six percent. A corporate trust is taxed in the state, while a partnership is exempt from personal income tax. 

These are just the basics—you can learn more about Massachusetts tax laws by checking the official government site.

Massachusetts Tax Relief

Do you need assistance with your taxes? Are you looking for tax relief in Massachusetts? Levy & Associates has a stellar track record providing relief for taxpayers.

There are a variety of ways to receive assistance for your back taxes. Debt is time consuming, stressful, and worrisome, after all, so it stands to reason that some options will suit your needs better than others. Levy & Associates can help you get back into good standing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or state municipality.

Our tax relief services include representation in the event of an audit. We also help prepare Offer in Compromise (OIC) proposals for residents of Massachusetts. If you are struggling with severe tax debt, we can even help you establish a new installment agreement with the IRS to settle your debt in monthly payments.

Massachusetts Audit Defense

Audits can be stressful and frustrating when you’re trying to run a business. Even if you did nothing wrong, an IRS or state audit can take time and resources away from your company.

It is necessary to take precautions before, during, and after a tax audit. Our audit defense team is fantastic at what we do, and you can rest easy knowing that we have the tax situation handled. Our work allows small business owners and taxpayers to return to their normal routine while we handle all communication with the IRS.

In general, most tax audits only require you to confirm information that you reported on a tax return. Levy & Associates has a dedicated audit defense team that manages that situation, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Massachusetts Lien and Levy Tax Help

Tax liens and tax levies can be devastating. At best, they are an annoyance that must be addressed. At worst, they can significantly alter or downright destroy your small business and livelihood.

If you are facing threats from the IRS regarding a tax lien or levy, contact us immediately. It is not too late to act if you receive a notice of a tax lien. The same is true of a tax levy. However, you only have a short amount of time to appeal the decision before it becomes official.

Contact Levy & Associates to begin discussing the details of your tax situation. There are ways to avoid the IRS putting a hold on your property and possessions. Just remember that a tax levy grants the government the right to seize your assets, so act quickly to avoid major repercussions!

The government has the right to confiscate your home, vehicles, or business because of a tax lien and levy. The tax lien places a hold on the property, preventing you from selling it until you resolve the tax debt. Additionally, the IRS may freeze your bank accounts, cutting off access to your own money.

Once the tax levy is placed on your assets, you have a limited amount of time to dispute the decision. As a result, quick action is necessary to protect your assets. Don’t wait to act.

Massachusetts Tax Settlement

Settling your taxes and resolving debt is the only way to return to normalcy. Unfortunately, tax debt does not just disappear. Thus, it does no good to avoid or ignore your problems. If you have fallen on hard times and are struggling to pay back debt, contact Levy & Associates.

There are many alternatives to tax debt. The good news is the Internal Revenue Service will generally work with taxpayers, perhaps through an Offer in Compromise or installment agreement. Speaking with a team member from Levy & Associates can help you understand and review your available options for Massachusetts tax settlement.

Do not avoid or ignore notices from the IRS. The hassle will not go away on its own, which makes resolving the matter as soon as possible incredibly important. Learn more about how we can and have helped numerous taxpayers by reading some testimonies from our satisfied clients.

Tax Audit Help: Representation During Reviews

It can be alarming to find yourself faced with an IRS review of your finances, but audits are usually done to correct a small mistake in your return or an administrative error. However, in the unlikely event that you face worrying scrutiny, the likes of which is usually to detect fraudulent activity or some other discrepancy, it’s important to seek out help.

Back Tax Help for Those Who Missed Deadlines

Dealing with missed deadlines is a slippery slope—one missed deadline can quickly become several, and then it’s more and more difficult to catch up as interest and penalties build. The most effective way to approach this situation is to file your returns even if you cannot pay them in full, possibly making you eligible for a payment plan. 

However, if the situation has already progressed beyond your means of repayment, it would be highly advisable to contact the Levy team so that we can work to resolve your unpaid liabilities and reduce pressure from the IRS.

Tax Debt Help for More Serious Penalties

If your tax debt grows to a significant amount or remains unpaid for too long, the IRS will take more severe measures to ensure that they are paid. This may result in levies and liens. 

When your property is on the line, the situation can appear desperate—but if you contact Levy & Associates, we will work to remove these threats and provide a realistic tax resolution.

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No matter what kind of tax issue you’re dealing with, whether it be a small tax liability or a profoundly serious financial situation, it is always useful to talk to a professional. Reach out today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll begin working to help you resolve your tax troubles.

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