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Experienced in virtually all areas of tax resolution, our Boston tax professionals are prepared to help any client who is in need of assistance. The Levy Group has a reputation of excellence to maintain across all our areas of service, from helping our clients deal with the IRS to resolving long-standing financial problems.

Our Tax Help Team Consists Of:

Our service includes help with back taxes as well as working towards penalty abatement, and we accept a broad spectrum of clients as it’s simply our policy to offer our assistance to anyone who is in need. With our solutions dealing with wage garnishmentIRS auditstax liens and tax levies, we’re able to help our clients regain a stress-free life.

Tax Help Solutions Offered:

Tax Audit Help: Representation During Reviews

It can be alarming when faced with an IRS review of your finances, but these are usually simply to correct a small mistake in your return or an administrative error. However, in the unlikely event that you face worrying scrutiny, the likes of which is usually to detect fraudulent activity or discrepancy, it’s important to seek out help in protecting you from IRS penalties.

Back Tax Help for Those Who Missed Deadlines

It’s a slippery slope when dealing with missed deadlines – one can quickly become several and it becomes more and more difficult to catch up as interest and penalties build. The most effective way to approach this situation is to file your returns even if you can’t pay them in full, possibly making you eligible for a payment plan. However if the situation has already progressed to an overwhelming stage, it would be highly advisable to contact the LEVY team so we can resolve your unpaid liabilities and reduce the pressure from the IRS.

Tax Debt Help for More Serious Penalties

It’s unavoidable that if debt grows to a significant amount or remains unpaid for too long, the IRS will take more severe measures to ensure that they are paid. This may result in levies and liens. When your property is on the line, the situation can appear desperate, but if you contact the LEVY team, we can work to remove these threats and provide a realistic tax resolution.

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No matter what kind of issue there is, whether it be a small tax liability or a very serious financial situation, it is always useful to talk to a professional. Call to schedule an appointment to begin working towards a stress-free life.

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