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Do You Need Columbus Tax Relief

It’s important to be proactive as it concerns your tax matters; this can help you avoid even costlier mistakes.  If you’re looking for a firm that has a wealth of experience in tax help, here at Levy & Associates, we are confident we can help you receive tax relief.

Our Team

What makes us unique is that we designed our team based on your needs. We are staffed with experienced CPAs, attorneys, enrolled agents and former IRS revenue officers that can handle any particular tax resolution case.

Columbus Tax Audit

A tax audit is where the IRS wants additional documentation to support the information you filed on a return. If you receive a notice from the IRS, it’s important that you respond and provide them with the documents they need in a timely manner. If you have any questions as you undergo this process, our Columbus tax team will be happy to help.

Repaying Back Taxes

Owing the IRS money can be stressful, because they are a very aggressive collection agency. If you ignore their correspondences and documentation requesting payment the IRS may pursue collection action, including filing a lien on your property.

They can also employ other methods like a wage garnishment. With this, they can receive a court order to have a certain percentage of each of your paychecks withheld for repayment. Another way they can try and collect on the tax debt is through a bank levy where they remove funds from your bank account to pay the debt.

To help you avoid these actions, it’s important that you are proactive in repaying your debt to the IRS; this is where we can help you. We offer you Columbus tax help by working on your behalf to find the best tax resolution with the IRS. This could result in you making monthly payments to satisfy the amount owed or filing an offer in compromise. With this option, we will help you provide documentation that shows you cannot pay off the debt in full. In certain instances, the IRS might allow you to pay a certain amount and forgive the rest of the debt.

Personalized IRS Help

We take pride in designing our business to tailor to your needs. Here are some the benefits you receive by hiring us:

To take the first step towards Columbus tax relief, be certain to contact our office today.

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