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Looking for Las Vegas Tax Attorneys?

When you have tax problems in Las Vegas it’s important that you have a trusted resource to turn to that can address the questions you have. We here at Levy & Associates are more than confident that we can work with you to solve any tax issues that might arise.

Our Tax Help Team

What makes us such a great resource is our team. We have worked hard to attract those with the most expertise in Las Vegas tax relief. Our team consists of tax attorneys, certified public accountants, enrolled agents and former revenue officers of the IRS. This means that when you come to us for tax resolution services, you are coming to the right place, as we may be able to find the most appropriate solutions for your problems.

Our Personalized Approach to Service

When you encounter tax issues, we know it’s important to deal with the problem quickly. For this reason alone, we have staff working each day of the week to answer any calls or emails you send us. We do this because we want to offer you the best service while also giving you peace of mind.

IRS Help

There are a wide variety of circumstances that can happen when you file personal or business taxes with the IRS.  Tax audits can happen to anyone. While this might seem scary on the surface, it’s important to remain calm during the process. All you have to do is to provide the documentation for the year filed and, provided you answered all questions on your taxes honestly, it’s a straightforward process. However, if you do need any guidance out team of qualified professionals may be able to help.

Tax Relief Help

If you have fallen behind on taxes, it’s important to know all your rights and options, as this can help you decide on the best course of action pertaining to repaying the IRS. It’s important to stress that the IRS assesses interest rates and penalties for taxes filed late and on balances owed. If you don’t address these issues they can take you to court to file legal action where they can place a tax lien against your property or deduct money from your paycheck until you repay the debt.

With these things in mind, it’s important that you don’t delay in getting tax relief. Our Las Vegas tax professionals will help you determine the best course of action in repaying your debts. In some cases you might be able to make payments to the IRS or give them an offer in comprise, which is where you offer to pay a certain amount of debt in lieu of them forgiving the rest. We will explore each option with you in detail and from there work together to move forward on the best one.

Learn About Your Solutions

You are just a phone call or email away from learning more about the options available to you. Our staff will be happy to assist you in finding relief for your tax situation by giving you a free consultation. This will help you explore all the options you have available.

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