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In Need of Tax Help in Minnetonka?

Securing a place as one of the country’s most well-established and dependable accounting groups, we’re dedicated to helping our clients find the best way to tackle their financial issues no matter the severity. With half a century of experience in successful tax assistance, our Levy and Associates Minnetonka branch makes a reliable choice for anyone facing issues with the IRS.

Our Tax Help Team Consists Of:

Our goal is always to help our clients to resolve any issues they may have with the IRS, from simple concerns to more severe issues such as those involving wage garnishmentIRS auditstax liens and tax levies. We’re experienced in tackling a variety of recurring problems, including penalty abatement and help with back taxes, and we work with both business and individual clients.

Tax Help Solutions Offered:

Tax Audit Help: Representation During Reviews

Finding that your finances are under IRS review can be unnerving, but in most of these occasions it’s simply standard for them to conduct a tax audit. However, in the event of a more serious review taking place, such as one looking to uncover fraudulent activity or inconsistencies, it’s imperative that you consult a professional to reduce the risk of repercussions. The Levy Group will represent you if you’re faced with issues following a review, and find accurate records in order to make the review go smoothly.

Back Tax Help for Those Who Missed Deadlines

It can be difficult to get back on top of your finances once you’ve missed deadlines, which can cause interest and penalties to amass very quickly. The problem is minimized if you show the IRS that you’re trying to pay what you owe by filing your returns regardless of how much of it you can pay back, or if you allow our team to intervene before the problem grows. If it has already gotten to a serious stage, it can be near impossible to resolve without outside help, in which case we can help to resolve any unpaid liabilities as quickly as possible and get the IRS off your back.

Tax Debt Help for More Serious Penalties

In the most severe cases, owing the IRS too much money for too long can cause serious problems. It’s undoubtedly distressing to face the threat of having your property seized, and so we’re dedicated to working to remove these harmful punishments and create further financial stability for our clients.

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No matter how small your tax problem may be, we’re happy to talk to anyone who thinks they may be in need of tax help, so call us for a free consultation and take the first steps to a debt free life.

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