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Looking for New Jersey Tax Help?

New Jersey often gets overlooked in favor of the neighboring state of New York, but it’s a bustling place filled with opportunities in its own right. Its residents agree—New Jersey is one of the smallest states in terms of area, yet one of the most populous in terms of density. 

It is also home to a substantial income gap. New Jersey has the highest number of millionaires per capita in the United States, but a sizable percentage of its residents are living below the poverty line.

Are you looking for New Jersey tax help? Whether you’re dealing with a tax lien, an IRS audit, or another issue, Levy & Associates can help. We assist clients from individual taxpayers to massive corporations. Let’s work together to resolve your tax issues.

New Jersey Tax Laws

New Jersey tax laws exist to build revenue for public infrastructure, programs, and services. While many dread paying taxes, it’s part of your obligation as a citizen of the United States.

From filing taxes to navigating the Offer in Compromise process, Levy & Associates can help you safely and efficiently comply with New Jersey tax laws. With our tax preparation services, you’ll be able to avoid costly mistakes, reduce the risk of getting audited, and more. Additionally, Levy & Associates also represents clients dealing with tax problems and debt.

New Jersey enforces a state personal income tax and corporate income tax. The Garden State also levies a sales tax. Property taxes are regulated based on municipality, and school districts also have their own methods for creating revenue.

New Jersey tax laws currently support six different tax brackets for the state. Your tax bracket is dependent on the amount of money you bring home each year. Married couples filing jointly pay taxes together, and some single filers have multiple sources of income.

The sales tax rate in New Jersey varies but generally hovers around 7 percent. The sales tax rate is cut in half in select portions of the state to encourage economic development. The New Jersey state government classifies these zones with sales tax forgiveness as “urban enterprise zones.”

New Jersey enforces the traditional sales tax on clothing, gasoline, and cigarettes. There is also a sales tax for recently legalized medicinal marijuana. However, most unprepared foods, medicine, and household paper products are excluded from the list.

New Jersey Tax Relief

Do you need New Jersey tax relief? Levy & Associates provides a variety of tax services for our clients to ensure that we cover every possible issue. We want to support both families and small businesses that are struggling to make ends meet while also upholding their obligations as tax-paying citizens.

Whatever your needs may be, we can assist you with expert tax preparation or audit defense services. If you’d like to learn more and investigate your options, Levy & Associates is available for a free consultation. We can discuss the details of your situation and find the most effective way to resolve tax issues. Levy & Associates is available by phone at 800-TAX-LEVY, or you can reach out to us online.

New Jersey Audit Defense

It is natural to feel worried when you receive a notice from the IRS indicating that you are being audited. However, most tax audits are implemented simply because the IRS needs more information to clarify that your taxes were reported correctly.

Nonetheless, dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is a hassle. It takes time and energy to resolve audits, especially complicated ones involving a business or organization. Fortunately, Levy & Associates can represent you and manage communication with the IRS while you get back to work.

New Jersey Tax Settlement

Are you having trouble making ends meet each month? Paying rent, utilities, and grocery bills are just the start of your problems, particularly if you’re trying to support a family. Unfortunately, back taxes make it even more difficult to stay afloat financially.

Levy & Associates’ New Jersey tax settlement services include assistance with Offer in Compromises (OIC), negotiating installment agreements, and more. No problem is unsolvable, and our capable team is here to help you in every way. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

New Jersey Lien & Levy Help

What is a tax lien, and how does it differ from a tax levy? We are here to answer any and all questions that may arise if you receive a notice from the IRS indicating that you are under a tax lien or levy. 

Tax liens place a hold on your personal assets and prevent you from accessing necessary funds. Meanwhile, a tax levy allows the government to seize your assets, including vehicles, tools, and buildings. You can lose your business or home because of a tax levy.

Levy & Associates provides lien and levy help, audit defense, and a wide range of other tax services to New Jersey taxpayers who need help getting out of trouble or resolving issues with the IRS. Contact us for more information about your available tax options. You can learn more about our stellar reputation and dedicated service by reading testimonials from satisfied clients on our site. We are proud of our work and track record, which spans multiple decades of tax service. We look forward to assisting you with your New Jersey tax issues.

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