Levy Tax Help Show - Transcript - 08/08/2017

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Introductory audio: Liens, levies, wage garnishments, back tax debts of all kinds.  If you’re facing any of these tax debt problems, stay tuned for the next 30 minutes.  This is the Levy Tax Help Show presented by Levy and Associates of Delray Beach, tax resolution specialists.  Call Levy and Associates 24-hours a day, seven days a week with all of your civil tax questions, 1-800-TAX-LEVY, that’s 1-800-829-5389.  Now, the Levy Tax Help Show.

Lawrence: Good morning, South Florida, and welcome once again to the Levy Tax Help Show.  We hope that everyone had a great week and now that we are on a Saturday, we hope that everyone is enjoying the weekend.  We have the kids going back to school.  Today, we’ve got a great show.  We’ve got a couple of great guests on the show.  So, I’m going to start off with ladies first, and I want everyone to meet another Michelle in my life.  She’s already smiling and also, I’ve got a great one at the end [? 00:00:58] that’s also smiling.  So, Michelle, welcome to the Levy Tax Help Show on a Saturday.

Michelle: Thank you.  I’m glad to be here.

Lawrence: Well, we are happy to have you.  it was a last-minute throw-in so we’ll see how Michelle ad-libs this.  We have a guide sitting to your right that’s going to help out a little bit just in case you need a little bit of help on the radio.  We’ve got one of the littlest Levy’s around besides our goldfish – he’s a little bit younger than you are – we have Jet in the house.  Jet, good morning.

Jet: Good morning.

Lawrence: How are you?

Jet: Good.

Lawrence: Having fun before school starts?

Jet: Yeah.

Lawrence: Can you do me a favor?  Can you give out our phone number really quick, the 800 number?

Jet: 800-TAX-LEVY.

Lawrence: And is Levy really your last name?

Jet: Yes, it is.

Lawrence: You’re sure?

Jet: Yeah.

Lawrence: That’s how you sign your name, Levy?

Jet: Uh huh.

Lawrence: That’s how I sign your paychecks, right, Michelle?  Levy?  Imagine that.

Michelle: I think so.

Lawrence: She thinks so because she’s one of the newest additions to the Levy crew.  Jet, what is it?  You always want a Levy on your side…

Jet: Not one against you.

Lawrence: And don’t fear a Levy…

Jet: Hire a Levy.

Lawrence: You got it, my man.  Alright, go ahead.  Jet’s going to take a little bit of a breather.  He’s already worn out from his little 60 second interview.  So, Michelle, let’s start off with Michelle.  She has been in the accounting world for how long?

Michelle: About 20 years.

Lawrence: 20 years.  When you came in for the interview, I said, “You know, my wife’s name is Michelle.  Imagine that, another Michelle in my life”, and then a few days into it, we’ll say that you went on the injured reserve list for a little bit.

Michelle: Actually, over a week.

Lawrence: Yeah.  Well, you were out for a week but a few days into the job.

Michelle: No, I was actually seven days into the job before I was gone.

Lawrence: Oh, okay.  Well, see, what do I know.  I want to say something publicly, even though Michelle is one of the latest additions to the Levy office, we would text, we would talk.  In fact, I was going to come and try to visit you when you were local here in the hospital in Boca but you are so nice and so communicative that I wanted just to say publicly how much I really appreciate how great you were in communicating, saying, “Please, I want my job, please don’t give it away.  I’m coming back.  I’m so sorry”.  You were awesome, and then we obviously finally got to meet recently actually, earlier this week, and you’re a sweetheart.  What I always would say on the phone… people always say that I look like what I sound, right.  I’ll tell you that you were so genuine and so sincere and you were so nice and so great that I just want to say publicly what a great addition you are.

Lawrence: So, everyone listening out there, Michelle has now added on to the Levy accounting side of the business.  So, people out there who haven’t filed in a few years, if you have the need for bookkeeping accounting for a year or two or five or six… you’ve seen it all just in the few weeks you’ve been here.  Clients haven’t filed their taxes in literally years.  We have to clean up, catch up, and Michelle is one of the team members that’s going to be able to help get those taxes in order, and she has big aspirations.  She wants to progress in the Levy office and she also said she wants to eventually take her enrolled agent’s test, right?

Michelle: Correct.

Lawrence: We talked about that earlier this week which I thought was remarkable and I really think that that shows what goals you want to make for yourself.  In the Levy office, let’s talk about the deep bench that we have.  We have the Enrolled Agents.  So, an Enrolled Agent, you have to take a test, everyone listening.  In order to be a power of attorney, you have to take a test to be an Enrolled Agent or, like in the Levy office, we actually currently have two former IRS Revenue Officers.  If you were a Revenue Officer or you worked at the IRS for a particular length of time and you meet the qualifications, the IRS gives you an automatic Enrolled Agent’s card.  Something you didn’t know, a little bit of random trivia on that one, right.

Michelle: I didn’t know that.

Lawrence: So, currently we have two of those Revenue Officers – Greg, who has been on the show plenty of times, used to work at the IRS for over 30 years, 31, 32, or something like that, and he’s a veteran from the Navy.  He was in the Gulf War so we always say thank you for his service.  Claire Coffee, you haven’t interacted much with her but she worked at the IRS for over 30 years too.  Her last 10 years were as an Offer in Compromise Specialist.  So, she dealt with people who are in the middle of offering compromises and that’s what she did.  Before that, she was a Revenue Officer.

Besides that, we also have the attorneys who function as power of attorneys.  In this office, there’s three of them.  We have Arnold who is actually still out on injured reserve list.  We have Danielle, and then we also have Courtney.  So, the Levy bench is deep.  In here, you also have two other EA’s.  You have Marc and you also have Dan, both of which are Enrolled Agents so they can be on power of attorneys.  Marc actually does that quite a bit in the office, but you’re getting really a nice flavor for what goes on.  You can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of customer service, big part of it.

Michelle: Yes, definitely.

Lawrence: Very big part of what I do.  I’m going to share a story that happened actually earlier this week.  It was on Tuesday.  Monday night, probably about 6.30 or so, or maybe it was later than that.  I think it was about 7.30 on Monday night, I get a call from one of the guys, Lance who is one of our case managers, and he said, “I just got off the phone with a client.  They’re coming in to see you guys on Tuesday morning”.  I said, “Great”.  He gave me a little bit of the background.  I actually called the client on Monday night from my cellphone and he has a local IRS Revenue Officer right here out of the South-East Florida office.  By the way, there’s three offices locally here.  There’s Miami, there’s Plantation, and then there’s also West Palm.  Those are the three ones in the listening area, although I think we pound out to even north further than that.  I’m asking Jack, the engineer.  How far?

Jack: Port St. Lucie.

 Lawrence: Port St. Lucie, right, so there’s even an IRS office north of that, but that’s great.  Wow, we really pound out the signals.  It’s from West Palm is where the satellite or the antenna is?  Okay, there you go.  AM 850 WFTL, one of the biggest in the state probably, I think.

Jack: The only 50,000-watt AM station.

Lawrence: Wow, if you can hear what Jack is saying, the only 50,000-watt AM station.  I’m not sure I know what that means.  There’s a few things, by the way, but it means we’re pretty powerful.

Jack: Very powerful.

Lawrence: Very powerful, Jack says.  A few things you need to know about me, Michelle.  I don’t know very much about sports.  I don’t care, don’t know, know absolutely nothing about it, doesn’t mean much to me.  It doesn’t mean anything to me.  It doesn’t change my life who wins or who is going to lose the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals.  I know the other nice gentleman that’s on the radio show today, he actually does know and he does care but I want to make sure that… yes, come on and talk about it a little bit.  We also had someone else jump in.  Alan, good morning.  Alan’s in the house.

Alan: Good morning, everyone.

Lawrence: And also, no, Jet, you can come back on.  You’re going to share a little bit.  I know we were talking about sports but we’re going to get back to tax resolution in a minute.  This is more of the Levy family show today, but you love sports though, right?

Jet: Yeah.

Lawrence: And you know that your father just doesn’t… it doesn’t mean anything to me, although Alan does, right?

Jet: Yeah.

Lawrence: What’s your favorite sport really quick?

Jet: My favorite sport is basketball.

Lawrence: Basketball.

Jet: Big Cavs fan.

Lawrence: Big Cavs fan.

Alan: Oh, there you go.  Mine’s hockey, and football.

Lawrence: Right, but Cavs fan, right?

Jet: Yeah.

Lawrence: Who’s your favorite player?

Jet: LeBron.

Lawrence: LeBron, okay.  Of course, right.  So, Michelle knows a little bit about it but I don’t know anything.  So, we were talking about what… now, Michelle knows a little bit about me.  I know nothing about sports, doesn’t do anything for me, don’t care about it, but let’s talk about the client that came in earlier this week for a second.  Alan actually met him because the gentleman had Alan in his name.  So, without saying the gentleman’s name, I said, “Hey, this is so and so, middle name Alan”, and, “Meet Alan”.  So, he and his wife came in on Tuesday morning at about 8.30 in the morning, couldn’t be nicer, from local here right in Palm Beach County.  He had a bank levy where the IRS had a couple of thousand dollars that they levied the bank account for.  He owes just under $50,000.

His wife actually had gone online and found another tax resolution firm a few months ago out in the west coast.  I’m not going to say the name of the company but we went through, on Tuesday morning, a brief 433-A.  I explained what national standards were, I explained how the IRS is going to interpret certain expenses.  They are a family of two.  They have no kids.  I just gave them a quick explanation.  When I say quick, it was 30 minutes.  It wasn’t anything elaborate.  At the end of that meeting, they said, “Mr. Levy, you gave us more information in a matter of a 30-minute explanation…”, in which was an hour and 20 minute long meeting, “…than we had from this other firm that was out on the west coast in California”.  I said, “Do you know what?  That’s disgusting to me”.  I said, “It makes me sick to my stomach that there are other firms out there that don’t communicate, they don’t talk, they don’t explain”.  The client said that this other firm sent them a 433-A and said, “Fill it out”.  They didn’t say, “Let me explain to you how, let me explain to you why it’s needed, let me explain what page is really important, let me explain a little bit about it”.  Absolutely no explanation, no communication.  It was a very, very unfortunate scenario but we see that quite a bit, Alan, over the years.  Alan has been here 13 years, 14 years?

Alan: A little over 12.

 Lawrence: 12, okay.  12 years.  Now our kids are going to college.  Crazy, huh?

Alan: Crazy as crazy can be.

Lawrence: He’s got a daughter, I have a son.  They’re the same age.  His daughter already started this summer.

Alan: Her first semester.  I can’t believe it.

Lawrence: I’m shocked too.  Crazy.  Anyhow, so over the years, you’ve seen that.  A lot of clients come and they say, “There was just no communication.  There was a lack of interaction.  There was just nothing”, and it really makes you love what you do because we are very communicative.  We’ll talk, we’ll text.  The constant interaction, communication, even with Michelle.  I see that you respond after hours on your cellphone.  In today’s world, that instantaneous response, the ability to communicate, the ability to respond back with a text now whether it’s your kids, whether it’s a client, or whether it’s a friend.  When someone texts you, generally speaking, and Michelle, you and I are a good example.  I didn’t hire you, I never even met you.  I just heard the name ‘Michelle’ and we have a new hire named Michelle, but when we were texting, sometimes I was on a plane with Wi-Fi and you expect that instantaneous response.

I think it’s just transcended into the workplace where people want that immediate answer.  They want that immediate response, and especially in our business, when the house is on fire, the you know what is hitting the fan already.  It’s not about to hit the fan, it already has hit the fan, so the clients want to know that it’s being addressed, it’s being addressed timely, and there’s going to be some interaction from the Levy office with the IRS.  That’s what this client loved this week.  They loved that within literally 30 minutes of the client leaving the office on Tuesday, one of the POA’s in our office was on the phone with that Revenue Officer letting him know that we are representing that tax payer.  This went on throughout the whole day on Tuesday and he said, “I’ve got to tell you, I’m so thoroughly impressed with how you explained things to my wife and I.  I felt so much better”.

You actually had a nice client testimonial this week from someone who said how great it was.  I don’t even know the client but I saw the email though.

Alan: Well, see, what we do that’s different from any other firm is you can call us at nine o’clock at night.  Monday through Friday, you can call us all day.  It doesn’t matter when it is, Saturday, Sunday, we’re going to not only answer the phone but we’re going to communicate with you and explain to you.  if you got a letter Saturday night, you’re just getting home and you’re all worried, we’re going to talk to you on Saturday night.  We’re going to talk to you on Sunday.  We’re going to explain to you what’s going on.  There’s always us here to go ahead and bounce things off of so that you feel better.  You shouldn’t be going through this yourself, you should have our Levy team on your side.

Lawrence: Right, and now we’ve got Michelle as part of that Levy team so that’s awesome, right, Michelle?

Michelle: Right, thank you.

Lawrence: You’ve actually got thrown into many different files, whether it’s doing current year taxes.  I think you’re preparing the books for one of those but you’ve been tossed a whole bunch of different things.  We are the atypical type of an accounting firm, because you are used to working in the accounting business, more the conventional, almost what I would say is your classic CPA pencil pusher with a pocket protector, right?  One of those?

Michelle: Pretty much.

Lawrence: Right, and I don’t look like that type of a guy, do I?

Michelle: Neither do I (laughing).

Lawrence: Neither do you, right?

Michelle: No.

Lawrence: Neither do you, and that’s not what we are.  So, primarily, we deal with people who have IRS problems but then what happens is it evolves into, “Hey, why did you get into the problem?”, “Lack of accounting”, “Lack of bookkeeping”, “Don’t like my CPA, don’t care for their guidance”, so it naturally evolves into that.  In fact, I was talking this week to a client from the west coast and 10 years, he’s been doing his own books, own payroll.  Literally almost every year, messed it up, did something wrong, payroll was off, calculations were off, didn’t file the right form, and then what happens?  You get a penalty.  So, I said, “Why would you not have spent some money and had a bookkeeper and had an accountant?”.  Nice guy but there was really no good answer for it.

I’ll give you another example because this is something Alan and I talked about earlier this week.  There’s a client of ours, a physician, nice guy.  He had a stroke.  He has a very severe speech impediment, very sad, from his stroke, and he ended up also having other medical complications back a couple of years ago that put him in the hospital for, I think he said, two months.

Alan: Two months.

 Lawrence: Nice, nice man, and owes quite a bit of money.  It’s almost $600,000, maybe more, when all is said and done.  Finally, we were able to get him current, making his current estimated tax payments.  For anyone listening, by the way, the phone number is 800-TAX-LEVY, locally 561-865-7800, 865-7800 area code 561.  Right now, we are about halfway through the show.  I want to finish with a couple of other newsworthy comments.  So, coming up September 15th, as you’re the accountant in the room, Michelle, what’s the big September 15th deadline?

Michelle: Corporate.

 Lawrence: Corporate tax return, right, extensions, and then we have October 15th coming up.

Michelle: Personal.

 Lawrence: Which is the personal.

Michelle: Correct.

 Lawrence: So, if anyone out there filed an extension for personal, they have until October 15th.  If you ended up filing a corporate extension back in March, you have about a month from now until September 15th.  These deadlines are quickly approaching.  If you have not filed an extension or, like a lot of our clients, haven’t filed taxes, come on in.  Sit down and meet Michelle, talk to Alan, right.  Like Alan mentioned, we are available to you seven days a week.  We really pride ourselves on customer service.  We’ll take calls at midnight.  We enjoy actually the weekend calls, I always talk about it.  The weekend client interaction is huge.  Clients appreciate it, they like it, it doesn’t impact their day, and something that we’re really trying to get into is the early morning.  We’re an early start.  Someone is physically in the office usually at about 6.30 every morning and we’re an early start office, Eastern time.

In fact, this week, there’s the 7am call that we had two days in a row, Tuesday and also on Wednesday.  The clients, they love that because it doesn’t impact their day.  Sometimes before the kids get off to school, before you certainly go to work unless you have to be in super early.  We like to do things to get us… you don’t want to talk to us, clients don’t want to talk to us.  They like to hear from us but they don’t really want to talk.  It’s like going to the dentist or going to the doctor.  No one likes to do it, it’s a pain in the neck and you just don’t want to do it, but the Levy office, we will help you sleep better at night.  Locally, the phone number 561-865-7800 and the toll free is 800-TAX-LEVY and, yes, Levy really is my last name.  Check us out on the web at www.levytaxhelp.com.  Again, I say it too fast and probably not often enough but the phone number is 800-TAX-LEVY and always remember, you want a Levy on your side, not one against you.  Don’t fear a Levy, you hire a Levy.

Right now, we have quite a few pending Offer in Compromises.  Are you familiar with an Offer in Compromise, Michelle?  You owe the IRS a chunk of money and if you qualify, you then can settle for a percentage on the dollar.  It’s not for everyone.  I want to be very clear, everyone doesn’t qualify.  It’s all going to be based on your financial condition.  There’s primarily two components.  What do you make and what do you spend, and then what you spend has some capital limitations on it.  What you make, it is what it is but for those of you out there that are self-employed, trying to hone-in and ascertain your income is sometimes tough for someone who is self-employed.  When we can get Jet back ready, we’re going to have you give out the phone number again.  Are you ready, nice toll-free number?  Slide that mic over here, the noise in the background.  Go ahead.

Jet: 800-TAX-LEVY.

Lawrence: And the local phone number, 561-865-7800.  Do you know the address here, by the way?

Jet: Yeah, 2881 South Federal Highway, Delray Beach, Florida.

Lawrence:  Wow, that’s pretty impressive.  You’re like the Levy spokesman, right?  That’s all you need, just sit back, sipping on that water bottle.  All good to go?

Jet: Yeah.

 Lawrence: Are you ready for school?

Jet: Yeah.

 Lawrence: Yeah?  As good as you’re going to be?

Jet: Yeah.

 Lawrence: You’ve got to talk into the mic, we can’t hear you.

Jet: Yeah.

 Lawrence: That would be a yes, sir, right?  Yes, dad.  I don’t need to be called sir.  Yes, dad.

Jet: Yeah.

 Lawrence: All excited for school.  Also, what do you do, a little bit of scuba diving this week, trying to see how you like that?

Jet: It was fun.

Lawrence: It was?  Yeah, you liked that.  In the Levy office, I talk about these things.  It’s not always about the tax resolution.  One of the things that I really like when people talk about is that they know that we are really down to earth people.  Look, I have kids, I’m a dad, I’m a husband, and like you said, Michelle, how did you feel?  Without even meeting, and we’ve got a few minutes to talk about it just so people get the flavor with me, before we met.  I don’t know what you felt but you can say it, we’re on the radio, but I felt a bond.  It was nice that at least you knew that when you were out, whether it was Alan, whether it was Randy, whether it was me, whether it was Lance, no matter who it was, we cared about our new Levy family team member.  I hope that made you feel good because it makes us feel good to know that you actually understand how much we really care.

Michelle: Absolutely.  It was amazing to have all the communication we did and to realize that it’s sincere.  A lot of people aren’t like that.

 Lawrence: You’re darn right, they’re not.  You have a lot of people who are not genuine, who are quite frankly full of it, and in our tax resolution world, for some reason or another, it’s very bizarre, sometimes the taxing authorities come right out of the gate almost with a little bit of an aggressive posture that’s somewhat uncalled for.  These aren’t our relatives, thank god, they’re just clients and we’re here trying to do a job.  It’s nice that the clients know and now that you know how much we care.  A lot of times, there’s firms out there that they just don’t care.  In fact, I’ll tell you something, the client that came in earlier this week on Tuesday that had the other firm, we actually talked to them.

That firm said, “They didn’t get me anything, they didn’t get us what we needed, not our fault, you know how it is.  The clients drag their feet.  The clients don’t get you what you need, right”, and that happens.  What do we do differently, Alan?

Alan: We communicate with them.  we have calls, we set up more calls.  We kind of bug them until they get us what we need.

 Lawrence: Right, we almost stalker text but that’s one thing that we have.  Our admin staff, if we need something… as I always say, “Look, I’m not calling you to wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah”, generally speaking.  I’ll text out to our clients, “Happy Mother’s Day”, “Happy Father’s Day”, just my personality, I’ll do that, but generally speaking, when we reach out to you, we need something.  There’s a critical deadline that’s quickly approaching but this gentleman who I talked to was so callous and was so cold and really didn’t give a ‘you know what’, in my opinion, about the client, it was just really an eye-opening experience.  I don’t think the company has been in business a long time and maybe after a long time, you understand what the client needs and how to treat a tax resolution client, but it was really unreal, Mr. tough guy on the phone.  You kill them with kindness a little bit and that was about it.  It was pretty unprofessional, quite frankly, but it happens.

In the Levy office though, we care, and I hope that you know, Michelle, that we cared about you.  We want you to be better, we want you to be happy, we want you to be that perky Michelle, and you have a great personality, by the way.

Michelle: Thank you.

 Lawrence: We love it.  It’s awesome and it was a great find.  I think you met initially with Alan, right?

Michelle: Right.

 Lawrence: It was great, so it all worked out good.  What I want to finish on – we’ve got about seven or eight minutes left of the show – let’s talk about what the resolution options are.  If anyone listening out there has tax problems, if you haven’t filed in a few years, if you owe the IRS, or if you’re in the middle of an audit, and it could be, by the way, for the Florida Department of Revenue, there’s so many times in which clients will say to us, “Oh my god, I can’t believe this option existed”, “Oh my god, the IRS or the State, they didn’t tell me I could do this”.  We see it a lot with actually the Florida Department of Revenue, don’t we?

Alan: We definitely do.  It’s because they’re just there to collect.  They don’t care about the taxpayer.  They just want to collect their money.  They have a job to do.  It’s us who knows what the laws are or what can be done.  That’s what helps the client.  The clients talk to me all the time and they say, “Oh, they told me I had to pay this amount of money”, and I say, “No, we have to figure out what you can afford so that it doesn’t hurt you and so that we can go on and you can go on with your life”.

 Lawrence: That’s what is crazy to me.  A lot of clients… let’s be clear, no one wants to come in and see us.  No one likes the dentist, right.  Do you like going to the dentist?

Michelle: No.

 Lawrence: I’ve never had a cavity, by the way.  Alan knocked on the table there.  I’ve never had a cavity, don’t like dentists, just not my thing.  No one likes going to the doctors.  You’ve not had a cavity and you don’t like it either, right, Jack?

Jack: No.

 Lawrence: Jack’s not a big dentist guy, but no one likes it, but you’ve got to go.  You’ve got to keep your teeth clean, you don’t want gum disease.  It’s preventative maintenance, or if you have a cavity, you’ve got to go, right.  You have your wisdom teeth out, whatever, you’ve just got to do these things.  So, no one wants to come to us but when you get yourself into a pickle, you need representation, and a lot of people don’t do it.  They think they can’t afford it but our fee structure is reasonable.  Generally speaking, most of the time if not all the time but the vast majority of the time, we try to work out something that you can handle that’s within your cashflow because you need… you deserve… it’s your right.  A taxpayer, by the way, has the right to representation.

As Alan was saying, you wouldn’t know and Michelle, you’re too new to the tax resolution world.  You may have accounting background but, again, along those lines, we get referrals from accountants, we get referrals from CPA’s, which are two different things, by the way, comma after name or no comma after your name, and bankruptcy attorneys.  We just had a referral from an estate attorney last week.  I said to the client, “How did you hear about us?”.  The husband and wife said, “Through our estate attorney”, “What’s his name?”, never heard of the guy.  I actually called him to say thank you for the referral.  He said, “I hear you guys all the time on the radio, you’re the best”.  I said, “Great, thank you very much”.

There’s a lot of files that we get that are very confusing, that are very complicated and they’re somewhat messy, and that’s what we do.  Whether it’s a more simplistic one or whether it’s a more complicated mess… I’ll give you another example.  We have a couple of minutes here before we get to the top of the hour so we’re coming up on the 8.55 timeframe although if you’re listening to the show on the sister sport station, which is, again, a station that I probably don’t frequent, it’s 6.40.

Jack: The Hurricane.

 Lawrence: The Hurricane.  Let’s not even use that word this time of year, right (laughing).  Not a good thing.  We had that tropical storm blow through this week to Cozumel, yeah, pretty crazy.  Scuba diving place, Jet, by the way, Cozumel, right.  Dad got certified in Cozumel way, way back in the 90’s, but they’re actually going through a tropical storm and hopefully that’ll be okay.  Do you want to go to Cozumel one day and scuba dive?

Jet: Yeah.

 Lawrence: The water clarity, by the way, the visibility on a good day, at least 80-90 feet, really, really crazy clarity.  It looks like you’re in a clear aquarium.  The schools of fish as they come by, it’s so gorgeous.  It’s actually breathtaking, probably not a good thing to say underwater, by the way (laughing).  You want to breathe, right, like you learn.  So, it’s very cool.  It’s very cool, absolutely.  It’s very cool.  What we also wanted to talk about, there was one thing that Jet told me that I forgot about, it was why does your nose run and why do your feet smell, right (laughing).  Wasn’t that what you asked me?  It was a great question, right?  Why does your nose run and why do your feet smell?  I didn’t know the answer to that one.  I don’t know where my son finds these things, online these days.  Anyhow, everyone think about that until next week and you can get back to me; why does your nose run and why do your feet smell.

Let’s talk a little bit about this other referral that came to us.  A gentleman happened to be in a bankruptcy, owes the IRS about $200,000.  Bankruptcy is now somewhat done and he’s going to owe another $300,000 for 2016.  The referral came to us from a CPA and the CPA is a guy that sends us just a lot of clients because he knows that it’s not his area of specialty.  In your prior jobs when you were at other accounting firms, did you ever come across people who have IRS issues, didn’t file, IRS letters, anything like that?

Michelle: We did have people like that but we never were able to really help them.

 Lawrence: Right, because either a) the person said, “I don’t know, I don’t do it”, but it’s really sad because a part of why we like to pump this out… with how many watts do we pump out, Jack?

Jack: 50,000.

 Lawrence: 50,000 watts, we want to get that word out to everyone that there are solutions out there.  We’ve been in business, this is actually our 20th year officially as Levy and Associates being in business, and we want to make sure that you all understand that there are solutions that are out there that will make you sleep better at night, whether it’s you haven’t filed your returns in a few years, whether you have an Offer in Compromise that you want to try, and not everyone qualifies for it, let’s be very clear.  It’s what do you make, what do you spend, and also what do you have.  We got sidetracked earlier.  So, it’s those two components that primarily dictate if an Offer in Compromise is a viable solution.  If not, you go into a payment plan with them.  The IRS calls it an instalment agreement and there’s variations of an instalment agreement.  There’s a full pay, you can pay it out over six years, sometimes now seven years, and there’s actually… yeah, by the way, give the phone number out before I forget.  Penalty, we’ll talk about but the phone number…

Jet: 800-TAX-LEVY.

 Lawrence: And the local number, do you know it or do you want me to give the local number out?

Jet: I don’t know it.

 Lawrence: 561-865-7800, and how about the tagline, don’t fear a Levy…

Jet: Hire a Levy.

 Lawrence: And you want a Levy on your side…

Jet: Not one against you.

 Lawrence: Alright, we love that.  Well, Michelle, welcome to the Levy team.  You are a welcome addition.  I’m glad you’re feeling better than you were a week ago or so.

Michelle: Thank you.

 Lawrence: You have a great smile, you’re a nice lady, you’re a great addition and we really appreciate that, and it’s nice to have good people.  It makes for a good vibe in the office, and that’s critical, in my opinion.  I’m a big fan of happy, smiling faces, right, Jet, as we have about less than 30 seconds left?

Jet: Yeah.

 Lawrence: Do I make you smile?

Jet: Yeah.

 Lawrence: Do I make you happy?

Jet: Yeah.

 Lawrence: Am I funny?

Jet: Yup.

Lawrence: Sometimes?

Jet: Sometimes.

 Lawrence: Right, dad jokes, dad stuff, although you laugh at a lot of my jokes, you’ve got to admit.

Jet: Yeah.

 Lawrence: Right, it’s my little buddy.  Alright, we are almost wrapping up the show.  Jet, one more time, phone number?

Jet: 800-TAX-LEVY.

 Lawrence: That’s 1-800-TAX-LEVY, and yes, Levy really is our last name because Jet is on the show today.  Michelle, welcome to the Levy team officially.

Michelle: Thank you.

 Lawrence: You’re a pleasure to have here.  We really enjoy it.  Alan’s always great, been around a long time in the Levy office, many, many moons ago.  We actually knew each other before your age.  Our kids were… 12 years, so they were six.  Almost half your age, Alan and I have been hanging around in the tax resolution business.  Signing off for now from the Levy Tax Help Show, you have the new addition, Michelle, in the house.  You have Alan in the house, and you have the little Levy, Jet.  Thanks for coming on, buddy.  We appreciate your time on the weekend.  I’m sure I’ll be getting your bill in the mail, correct?  Yeah, new scooter maybe, something like that for coming on the show.  Alright, enjoy the rest of the weekend, South Florida.  You take care.  Signing off for now, Levy Tax Help Show, Lawrence Levy in the house with little Jet Levy who is going to send me a nice bill for his time on the air.  Take care, South Florida.  We’ll talk to you next time.

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