What Documents are Required for an Offer in Compromise?

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Contrary to popular belief, debt collectors are not all powerful. They have limits to the things they can do in order to get you to respond to them and/or how to collect money from you. Harassment, for example, is a practice that is absolutely prohibited. This includes using threats of violence or harm, using any form of profanity or obscene language, and repeatedly using the phone to annoy an individual. Debt collectors are also not allowed to create a list of people who have refused to pay their debts. They can however give this information to the credit reporting companies. Lying is also completely out of the question. Indicating that papers they send you are legal forms and they are not falls under this. This also goes for the opposite. False claims cannot be made, examples including saying that they are government representatives or attorneys, misrepresent the amount you owe, and falsely claiming you’ve committed a crime.

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