What Is Tax Relief?

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Many people view the IRS as an entirely inflexible organization, and thus the term ‘tax relief’ makes little sense. While the IRS can be inflexible in certain circumstances, there are other instances where tax relief is possible, and trained tax attorneys can help you successfully navigate these instances.

In some cases, an offer in compromise is possible, whereby you may be able to resolve your tax woes by paying a smaller amount and having the rest of your bill forgiven. In these cases, your tax attorney will propose an offer to the IRS on your behalf, and an IRS agent will decide if they will accept or reject that offer.

The success of your offer in compromise depends on many different factors, including why you were unable to pay your taxes in the past and whether you will ever be able to pay off your taxes without an offer in the future. Contact one of our highly trained attorneys for a personal consultation.

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