When Tax Representation Is Necessary

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When is tax representation necessary? Tax representation is paying a tax professional (such as those employed by Levy & Associates) to act on your behalf towards the IRS or other agency. Here are five cases in which hiring a tax representative would be well worth every penny.

The IRS is scary. Let’s face it, talking about your debt with a powerful authority is an intimidating concept. If you’re concerned about talking to the IRS, you have to be able to acknowledge that, and take action to remedy it. Our tax professionals will be able to handle your case with objectivity and clarity, which is far better than you could hope to do on your own if you’re scared of talking to the IRS. Additionally, knowing the issue is being handled – without having to stress over handling it yourself – brings with it an immense sense of relief and peace of mind.

The IRS has filed tax returns for you, or you haven’t filed your taxes for several years. It’s never a good idea to go without doing your taxes. It becomes a huge problem for you when the IRS decides to be pro-active and files your missing returns for you. Rather than worry about the complexity of resolving your tax situation, call a tax professional and get it taken care of.

You owe the IRS a lot of money. When you owe the IRS thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, they will of course be a bit more aggressive towards you. The longer you ignore the debt, the bigger it gets, the more concerned or angry you get, and the more forceful the IRS becomes. Hiring a pro from Levy & Associates will keep negotiations unemotional and help get the situation under control amicably.

You’ve received notification your case is assigned to a Revenue Officer, the Large Dollar Unit of ACS or Regular ACS. This is a sign of very bad things to come. Having a professional on your side automatically insures your rights are protected and your debt is handled quickly, without it having to go into the stage of levies or asset seizure.

You’re on the brink of very aggressive collections, including levies and seizure of your assets. Getting a levy released or reduced is a complicated and time-sensitive matter. We’ve handled hundreds of cases similar to yours. The experience that comes from having done these sort of complex negotiations will be to your benefit.

If your tax problem sounds like any of the cases above, call Levy & Associates at 888-411-LEVY. We can help, no matter what you’re going through! We are available 24X7 and have offices across the country.

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