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A Levy Success Story: How We Helped a Victim Reclaim her Taxes

Levy Tax & Associates have spent years helping people resolve their tax problems. A big part of our business is helping victims who are being held responsible by the IRS for tax evasion or tax debt that has nothing to do with them.

Greg Mahaffey, a trusted tax advisor at Levy & Associates and a former IRS agent, worked with a divorced and abused women when the IRS came after her for her ex-husband’s mistakes. Here is the story:

There is a major story of a woman who was an abused spouse and going through a divorce.  Her husband was a convicted felon.  They had a store that had a special license to it.  He could not get the license in his name.  It was in her name, but she had no control over the business whatsoever. She had her own job working as a janitor at night.  Everything that she had was paid for with her earnings as a janitor. The IRS comes along and they find out that he has been laundering money through this business and they set him up on a half of a million dollars-worth of back taxes, penalties, interest, and everything else and they were trying to set her up as well because the license was in her name.  They went through this theory where she got the benefit of the use of his funds, supposedly, because he was giving her so called ‘child support and alimony’.  The assets were owned jointly as far as the personal residence, even though he didn’t live there and had already moved out, and even though they were legally divorced. The IRS was going to set her up as well.  They did an immediate assessment based upon the fact that they were both from other counties, from the Middle-East originally, even though they were both naturalized citizens in this country now.  They were fearful that he was going to skip out of the country, taking everything with him.  So, they needed what is called a ‘Jeopardy Assessment’ against both of them and, and they were coming after her as well as him.

I was successful in arguing against her assessment after the fact.  We had to file suits in tax court and it got settled because I had put up one heck of an argument.  I had the police reports to show that she was an abused spouse where she had no control.  Everything in her house was purchased using her own funds, separate from him.  She had stopped filing joint returns, yet the IRS examination was attempting to charge her for almost half a million dollars of back taxes, penalties, and interest, taking immediate seizure action on everything.

I convinced them.  I stayed up for many long nights and weekends putting this package together and we were successful in getting her entire assessment abated in full.  All of the liens were withdrawn that were in her name and everything was setup in his name.  We saved her one half of a million dollars, and from major nightmares and headaches as she is just a victim.

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