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The IRS can place a Wage Garnishment on your wage when you have liabilities. The IRS can force your employer to hold back your weekly wage to pay off your debt. Having your wage garnished can be a difficult and embarrassing experience.

Levy and Associates understands how stressful and disturbing a Wage Garnishment can be to you and your family. Immediately after your call or meeting with one of our tax experts, we will begin negotiations with the IRS to release the Wage Garnishment. Often we can secure a release with our first contact. If not, we will determine what the IRS requires to stop the Wage Garnishment and work quickly to get your paycheck back into your hands.

Once the Wage Garnishment has been stopped, we can work with you to solve other tax issues that are disrupting your life. With professional consulting from Levy and Associates, you can get on with your personal and business pursuits, freed from the worry of tax troubles.

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