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Everyone dreads the day it’s time to file taxes, yet the concept is as American as apple pie. However, there is nothing more frustrating than when you take every step to comply with the Internal Revenue Service and file by the deadline—only to receive bad news in the mail.

A letter from the IRS that informs you of a tax audit, tax lien, or tax levy can be disconcerting and even frightening. Thankfully, tax resolution services are available to make your life easier. Tax professionals serve as a friendly and solid defense against the IRS.

Just because you received a notice of a tax audit from the IRS does not mean you are guilty of any crimes. The IRS examines many returns every year in closer detail to confirm any suspected discrepancies. Regardless, it doesn’t mean that you should take these matters lightly, as dealing with the IRS is rarely a straightforward and simple process.

Tax resolution services provide the proper defense against an audit or other IRS activity. Speak with our tax professionals today for an initial free consultation. We’ll get you the information you need, along with advice on whether you should consider hiring a tax professional to represent you against the IRS.

Tax Resolution Services

Tax resolution services are available to provide taxpayers with the right defense against the many ways the IRS can come after your finances. Tax audits and other penalties are stressful encounters for most individuals. Turning to a tax professional to handle the dilemma is sometimes the difference between a favorable or not so favorable outcome.

In general, tax resolution professionals can assist you with the following.

Tax Audits

The IRS has a statute of limitations of three years for examining previous tax returns. Auditors usually require you to submit additional documentation that confirms your income or deductions. Audits can last a year or more, which is why taxpayers and small businesses should consider hiring a professional to help them through it.

Tax Liens

Failure to pay back taxes carries severe repercussions with the Internal Revenue Service. Tax liens prepare the IRS to issue a tax levy to begin seizing assets like property and wage garnishments. Once you receive a notice of a tax lien, you should contact a tax professional immediately to discuss your options.

Tax Levies

Tax levies are grave matters—they give the IRS the power to freeze bank accounts, seize assets, and garnish wages. Consequently, you must act quickly to take back control from the IRS. You can defend yourself against tax levies, but you have a limited amount of time to act.

Unpaid Back Taxes

The IRS rarely forgets about unpaid taxes. As a result, it’s smart to get back on good terms with the agency by settling tax debt as soon as possible. Taxpayers that are on a tight budget have options for resolving tax debt. Speak to a tax professional to learn more about installment agreements or an Offer in Compromise to settle back taxes.

Wage Garnishments

The IRS can go after a portion of your wages to settle tax debt. It can also freeze your bank account through a tax levy. Do not hesitate to speak to a qualified tax expert for defense against serious IRS penalties. We can help protect your wages from being garnished by the IRS.

Tax Resolution Professionals

If you find yourself in a tricky tax situation, don’t wait for it to get worse—reach out to a tax resolution professional as soon as possible. We’re on your side.

About Levy & Associates

Levy and Associates, Inc. is the nation’s leading tax resolution firm. We have been handling tax resolution cases since the early 90s and proudly maintain an A+ BBB rating, along with a team of experts with over 100 years of combined experience. Customer service is our primary priority— we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For a free consultation, give us a call at 1-800-Tax-Levy.

The experienced team at Levy & Associates has been providing tax help to individuals struggling to handle the IRS for decades. In addition to offering tax resolution services, we also deal with general tax preparation services for both personal taxpayers and corporations. Our tax resolution professionals are dedicated to their clients and provide expert services for accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping.

Our team includes attorneys, CPAs, accountants, tax consultants, and former IRS revenue officers. The latter serve as critical inside experts for dealing with the complex processes at the tax agency.

Thanks to our talented and varying team, Levy & Associates can solve tax issues of any degree and scenario. We bring clients into compliance with tax filings and back taxes, allowing them to move forward without the shadow of the IRS hanging over them. In fact, most of our clients resolve their IRS disputes and remain clients for life. It’s our goal to resolve every tax issue with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We’ll work hard on your behalf!

Reach out to find out what Levy & Associates can do for your tax dilemma. We are incredibly proud of our client testimonials and want to help you find a solution to your issue. There are many tax resolution options available for frustrated taxpayers, and we’re dedicated to identifying an approach that will work for you. We are never further than a phone call or email away for any of your tax questions.

Remember—“You want a LEVY on your side, not one against YOU!”

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