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IRS Begins Sending Out Millions of CP14 “Balance Due” Letters

Have you received a CP14 "balance due" notice from the IRS? If so, you're one of [...]
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Stimulus Payments Triggered IRS ‘Math Error’ Notices. What You Should Know

If you've received a 'math error' notice from the IRS, you aren't alone. Million [...]
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Penalties for Insufficient Federal Withholding

Most employers withhold federal income tax from their employee's paychecks. Howe [...]
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Are Federal Income Tax Penalties Deductible?

If you have received a tax penalty from the Internal Revenue Service, you may be [...]
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Can the IRS Garnish Social Security Benefits?

If you are behind on tax payments to the IRS, the organization may impose a levy [...]
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Beware of IRS Phone Scams

IRS phone scams have become incredibly common in the past decade. Scammers call [...]
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