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Millions Still Don’t Have Their Refund—Here’s Why

Between COVID-19, stimulus tax changes, budget cuts, and a depleted workforce, i [...]
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Summary of the Tax Provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act

While it can be difficult to identify how exactly it might reduce inflation, The [...]
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Is the Government Really Hiring 87,000 New IRS Agents?

The new Inflation Reduction Act approves IRS funding with allocation to hire new [...]
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Lawrence Levy on Fox News Rundown

The Democrats' Inflation Reduction Act has passed. While this package will tackl [...]
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IRS Begins Sending Out Millions of CP14 “Balance Due” Letters

Have you received a CP14 "balance due" notice from the IRS? If so, you're one of [...]
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Stimulus Payments Triggered IRS ‘Math Error’ Notices. What You Should Know

If you've received a 'math error' notice from the IRS, you aren't alone. Million [...]
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