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Should I be Using An Accountant?

Many people find themselves in need of an accountant to help them with their business and personal tax returns.

How Do I Choose An Accountant?

Finding the right accountant for your needs and circumstances is important in order to ensure your peace of mind as well as to make sure you get the right accounting service for your needs.

Taking the experience and expertise of the firm  into consideration is also important if you want to benefit from a professional who is established. Take some time to look into this, as this can provide you with increased peace of mind. Finally, take some time to look into reviews or testimonials about the firm from other individuals or companies that have used their services.

What to Consider When Finding an Accountant

For business owners; you need to determine if you would like your accounting firm to perform monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services. Each business will have a unique set of circumstances that will dictate the level of involvement your accountant will play on a monthly basis.


Reputation and experience are also important factors. Look at reviews and testimonials to help you make an informed decision. The Levy office has been around since the late 60s. We are a family owned firm that cares about each and every client.

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What Kind of Records Do I Need to Keep In My Business?

f you own a business there are certain records that you should keep for tax purposes. There is no specific record keeping method to use, as long as it clearly shows your income and expenses. Some businesses make use of outside accounting services or rely on internal electronic accounting software programs for their records, but you should still keep original documents for certain ones just in case original documents would be needed.

Actually, the type of business you are in affects the type of records that you need to keep. You should make sure to include a summary of your business transactions and your books need to show your gross income along with your deductions and credits.

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