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Beware Of Tax Resolution Scammers

Knowing you owe the IRS money can be frightening. While there are some reputable tax resolution companies, such as Levy & Associates, there are many more trying to feed off of this fear.  

You’ve heard and seen their ads. Like credit card debt settlement companies, they promise to save you thousands and play on your fears of having to confront the IRS. All this for only “pennies on the dollar”.

In extreme cases, the IRS may settle old tax debts for a fraction of the total, just to recoup some of their losses. Is this common? No. In most of these cases, you have to pay what you owe unless you can make a solid case for why payment is just not possible. Obviously this isn’t a realistic hope for everyone to have.  

Being realistic means attempting to deal with your tax debt. You can’t expect to have all of your debt magically erased, or to pay a small fee for the assistance of a well-trained and dedicated tax resolution specialist. 

What you CAN expect is fair treatment from a team of licensed tax resolution specialists who will devote themselves to resolving your tax problems. Resolution doesn’t mean you’ll walk away owing nothing to the IRS, but it could save you a lot of money – and, if nothing else, it will get your tax problems into a manageable state. It will also help you get organized for the future.

Disreputable firms are giving the whole industry of tax resolution a bad name. If you’re having tax problems, trust companies like Levy & Associates at 888-411-LEVY. We’re here to help and our current pleased customers can vouch for us!

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