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Can a Garnishment be Stopped Once the IRS has Started?

If the IRS has begun to garish your wages, don’t panic! It is possible to stop the IRS from garnishing your wages even after they have begun. In fact, the IRS would rather you create some sort of payment plan with them instead of them having to go and get it.  Stopping the wage garnishment is a fairly easy task. Luckily, there are many different ways that you can stop the garnishment of your wages. Out of all of these, the most common way is to enter a payment plan with the IRS in order to pay a partial or full amount. If possible, you can pay the full amount up front, which would probably be the best method. You also have the option to file for an offer in compromise or file for bankruptcy. Other options that are available to you include getting declared un-collectible, change employers or even quit your job.

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