Tax Audit Guides

Dealing With Audits

Receiving a notice that you are being audited can cause immediate stress for most Americans. You don’t necessarily have to approach the situation unprepared or alone, though. Here are some ways that tax resolution professionals can help you through an audit:

  • A tax attorney can help you identify what records you should bring to your audit and can help you collect and organize them. Documentation is one of the most important things, when it comes to keeping your taxes current, and most people either keep their records indefinitely and have an insurmountable stack of papers, or they don’t keep thorough enough records and need to scramble to find the papers they need for an audit.
  • You may also be wondering why the IRS chose you for an audit and what they will be looking for. Tax help professionals will help explain all of this to you, but will also personally examine your situation to discover what may have caused the IRS to take an interest in you. This can help you better prepare and can also bring you peace of mind.
  • A tax attorney can often predict penalties that may arise from your audit and help you mentally prepare for those. Since they deal with the IRS on a daily basis and have a solid backing in their practices, they won’t be as surprised by the decisions that the IRS makes, in regard to your tax situation, and can thus be a cool, guiding hand.
  • Finally, they can often reduce any penalties you may incur, and generally help the audit run more smoothly. 

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