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Do You Need Representation For An IRS Audit?

It’s not required to have someone represent you when you are undergoing an IRS audit. However, it is recommended that you have someone on your side during the process. Here are some reasons why you should have Levy and Associates representing you in an audit.

  • Audits are stressful. You will be more at ease knowing you have someone in your corner who knows the laws and can provide tax help.
  • The CPAs at Levy and Associates know what documents you need to bring to your audit, so you will be prepared.
  • At Levy and Associates, we will be able to assess what is wrong with your return before the audit, so there will be no surprises. This will help speed up the process and get your audit over with quickly.
  • We also have many years of experience in negotiating with the IRS. If you end up owing back taxes, we can make sure you get tax resolution and the best deal you are entitled to.

When you get the notice for your irs audit, contact us at Levy and Associates immediately to begin preparing your audit defense. Our help will bring you relief quickly from the IRS.

Contact Levy & Associates for Dependable Tax Audit Services

Levy & Associates is available for free initial consultations. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the audit process or address any concerns about your specific situation.

There’s never a good time to be audited, and the time-consuming process will take away from your business or family if you try to face it alone. Let us handle and coordinate communication, so you can return to your daily life.