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How Can I Stop an IRS Tax Seizure?

For whatever reason you chose to refuse to pay the IRS, they will use the full extent of their power to make sure that they receive their money. When they do this, not only is your personal property at risk, but your real estate can also be levied. The IRS seizure process works in three different steps. The first step happens when the IRS sends a taxpayer a “Notice of Demand for Payment” that gives the taxpayer an assessment of the issue and states that a payment is due. Then, the taxpayer would have to refuse to pay the IRS. After that, a “Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Rights to a Hearing” will be issued to the taxpayer’s last known address or sent by mail. A seizure can be stopped by simply cooperating with the IRS on the matter and either paying the amount in full or by setting up a way to pay them back in installments.

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