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How to Select the Best Tax Attorney Near Me






If you’re experiencing a tax issue that you’re unsure how to navigate alone, hiring a tax attorney near me can be beneficial. Tax attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience with a wide range of tax problems. They can provide qualified guidance and even communicate with the IRS on your behalf, helping you resolve your issue. 

Selecting the right tax attorney is crucial to having the best experience. Read our guide to choosing the best “tax attorney near me.” 

Understand Your Tax Problem

Before you start searching for tax attorneys, understand the problem at hand. Some minor tax problems can benefit from the help of a CPA or tax consultant, while others require legal guidance. 

If you’re facing an issue with a tax return, are unsure how much you owe, or need help correcting errors, a CPA may be the right choice. If you need help communicating with the IRS or settling tax debt, or you’re facing litigation, a tax lawyer may be better. 

If you’re facing a criminal tax matter, certain tax attorneys may be unwilling to assist you. Be sure to state the matter of your tax problem upfront to find an attorney with the right knowledge and experience. 

Review Their Qualifications

Once you’ve determined that you need a tax attorney instead of a CPA, you can begin searching through your options. A Google search for “tax attorney near me” will likely bring up hundreds of results, and sorting through them can be tedious. 

The first factor you should review in a tax attorney is their qualifications. Tax attorneys must pass the LSAT and receive the proper lawyer licensing in their state. You may also benefit more from working with a tax attorney who has financial experience, such as in an accounting or tax consulting role. 

Many tax attorneys state their qualifications on their websites, but you can also find out this information during a consultation or case review. 

Discuss Your Case

Different tax attorneys have different experience and practice areas. Just because a tax attorney has legal licensing in your state does not mean they are the best choice to resolve your tax problem. 

We recommend sitting down with a tax attorney before hiring them to discuss your case. Lay out the exact problem you’re facing and the assistance you need. Your attorney will indicate whether they handle that type of case and have the proper resources and experience. 

Many tax issues require a deep understanding of IRS rules and tax codes. Working with an attorney without this understanding can ultimately waste your time and money. 

Discuss Pricing 

It may feel taboo to ask how much a tax lawyer charges, but it’s information you deserve to know. If you’re facing tax debt or other tax-related issues, you probably have a lot of expenses on your plate. You must ensure that you can afford your tax attorney and that their legal fees will not put you further in debt. 

Read Client Reviews

The last parameter to check before hiring a tax attorney is client reviews. While all attorneys undoubtedly have both positive and negative reviews, the best options should have overwhelmingly positive ones. 

You can read reviews on Google and social media. While many attorneys post reviews on their websites, these may not represent the overall client opinion, as attorneys can cherry-pick the reviews that appear on their sites. 

If you find that an attorney has several negative reviews discussing similar issues, you should be wary of moving forward with that person. 

Watch Out for Scams

Unfortunately, scams are common in the tax world. Many fraudulent tax resolution companies exist across the U.S. that mislead and steal from clients. 

Watch out for these practices in a tax attorney firm that could indicate it is trying to scam you:

  • Charging hidden fees or hiding pricing information
  • Promising specific results and timelines
  • Delaying your tax resolution for no reason
  • Giving misleading information 
  • Charging excessive money for their services

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