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Ignorance isn’t bliss, Understand the risks of filing Married Filing Jointly

It never fails, this office hears a story from a spouse that has signed a return jointly with their spouse, only to find out later, they are swimming in deep waters of tax debt. They discover their spouse never filed tax returns, didn’t pay taxes, or under-reported crucial income to the IRS, despite being assured by their significant other it would be handled.

Whether or not you are still married to the offending spouse, feelings of betrayal and fear are inevitable.

There are some actions you can take to prevent this disaster, follow up with the IRS to ensure 1) tax returns are being filed 2) balances are being paid and 3) ensure you save all of your tax preparation documents given to your spouse for tax preparation and be sure all those items are accounted for on the tax return. Most importantly, despite being married, be an advocate for yourself!

It is best not to be in this boat; however, if you are, contact our office as there are options to help innocent spouses harmed by their spouse, which oftentimes is the rescue buoy you need to move on with your life.

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