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Need Miami Tax Lien Help?

Tax laws can be difficult to understand. This only compounds issues that might arise if you or your business owes back taxes to the IRS. We developed our team in Miami to offer you tax help by providing you with the personalized service you deserve, while also helping you learn more about your situation and your options to rectify it.

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IRS Help When You Need It the Most

When you owe the IRS money, it can feel overwhelming to fall behind. The agency has many methods at its disposal for collection, including a tax lien. This is where they can place a lien against your home or business to serve as collateral for the debt owed. When this occurs, if you fail to pay back the debt, the IRS can seize your property for repayment. The lien also prevents you from selling your residence or business until you satisfy the amount owed.

What’s more, the IRS has other debt collection methods where they can garnish your wages or institute a bank levy, which is when they withdraw available funds from your banking account to repay the debt you owe. Since they have these options at their disposal, it is important that you find Miami tax relief fast; this is where we can help you.

Even though your situation might seem dire, rest assured that our team of attorneys, enrolled agents, former IRS revenue officers, and certified public accountants can help you. We have a wealth of experience reaching back to the 1960s in helping people with Miami tax resolution services. Our friendly staff is available seven days a week, and we will promptly return your call or email to begin the process.

Tax Relief Services

Our team will be happy to examine your situation and work with you to come up with viable solutions to your tax issue. If you owe back taxes, we can find out if you qualify for a payment plan with the IRS. In some instances, they might allow you to pay off the tax debts you owe in monthly installments. If this option is unavailable or you have defaulted on a previous installment agreement with them, we can examine other options to help you settle your debt quickly.

Furthermore, if you qualify, an Offer in Compromise is an excellent tax resolution. If your circumstances have made it difficult to repay the debt, the IRS might be willing to settle for less than the full amount owed.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of options available to you. Our Miami tax professionals will be happy to work with you to help you find relief today.

Florida Tax Laws

Florida is unique in that it does not have a personal income tax, estate tax, or inheritance tax. However, it does still impose sales and property taxes. Nonetheless, some of the tax breaks available in Florida have contributed to a sizable portion of seniors relocating to the Sunshine State.

The good news is that Florida’s overall tax burden consistently ranks among the lowest in the nation. The overall tax burden on the state level also ranks among the nation’s lowest.

Property taxes are determined by the “just value” or market value of properties that are assessed by a public official. The state limits increases in property value to 3% each year. Residents of Florida often refer to the limitation as the Save Our Homes cap. Additionally, Florida enforces a 5.5% corporate income tax.

Florida does not regulate any “death taxes.” Therefore, the value of estates or gifts received from beneficiaries are not taxed in the Sunshine State. The estate tax in Florida was repealed in 2004, and the state’s constitution prohibits the state from going back on the decision.

All in all, the major taxes collected in Florida are sales and use tax, corporate income taxes, and intangible tax. The current sales tax rate is 6%, and there is no state income tax rate.

Florida Tax Relief

Florida is one of only seven states in the country that does not have a personal income tax. This makes a compelling argument for why many seniors decide to relocate to Florida in their later years. Furthermore, the lack of “death taxes” in the state protects estates.

You may still be looking for tax relief despite Florida having one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation, on average. Thankfully, the state offers several different tax exemptions. The homestead exemption, for example, allows homeowners to save money on property taxes. Moreover, Florida provides tax relief for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and military veterans.

A tax professional at Levy & Associates can help you with Florida tax relief options. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Florida Audit Defense

Are you getting audited by the federal or state government? Levy & Associates provides a complete audit defense plan. We work with individuals and businesses of all sizes to make sure they are represented properly in the face of the IRS.

Having a team on your side to combat the pressure and demands of the Internal Revenue Service is often necessary to receive a favorable outcome. We have years of experience dealing with the IRS during audits, and you can rest assured that we’ll fight to protect your business and assets.

Tax audits are unsettling and cause a lot of stress and worry for business owners. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Levy & Associates. We’ll put our audit defense skills to work to create the best defense strategy while making sure you remain on good terms with the IRS.

Florida Lien and Levy Tax Help

The federal and state government can resolve tax debt by going after your assets. A lien places a hold on your assets like a car, home, or business. Delinquent taxpayers that owe the IRS money cannot sell the property while a lien is placed on the assets.

If you continue to fail to address the problem, you may receive a tax levy. The tax levy grants the federal or state government the legal right to auction your property to recoup losses. The IRS can also freeze your bank accounts, making it nearly impossible to withdraw any of your money or receive a new loan.

You’ll want to avoid a Florida lien or levy at all costs. Your first step is to contact our tax resolution team. We can help you avoid getting a lien or levy placed on your property or assist you with the predicament after the fact. There are ways out without losing your car or home. 

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Florida Tax Settlement

It’s possible to negotiate with the IRS regarding your tax debt. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has several different programs available for taxpayers who are struggling to resolve tax debt.

An installment agreement is one type of payment plan that can help. This is comparable to a monthly agreement you might have with a credit card agency, yet traditionally at a far lower interest rate. The other option is to consider requesting an Offer in Compromise.

While the chances of the government approving an OIC are lower compared to entering an installment agreement, it is a worthy avenue to consider in many situations. However, drafting the OIC proposal and improving your chances of success with the tax settlement are improved with a tax professional on your side.

Your First Step Towards Tax Resolution

To help you ease into the process, we are happy to offer a free consultation where you can sit down with a qualified member of our staff who will listen to your situation and help you learn more about the options available to you.

Our goal is to alleviate your fears, as we have a wealth of experience in dealing with tax matters and are dedicated to providing needed education. This can give you peace of mind and confidence in knowing you are taking your first step towards resolving your Miami tax problems. Don’t wait to address the problem—contact Levy & Associates today.

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