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Make A New Year S Resolution To Get Your Taxes Done Early

Are you a down-to-the-wire type of person when you do your taxes each year? Does April 15th find you waiting in line at the post office with your return, or do you send off your extension request and then sweat it out again, in October, when your extension is up? While this is all perfectly legal, waiting until the last minute to finish your taxes each year puts a lot of unneeded stress on you. You may suffer from headaches or sleepless nights, while you try to pull together all your receipts and forms at the last minute.

This year, why not make a New Year’s resolution to rid yourself of your tax stress? Make an appointment with Levy and Associates to have us prepare your taxes for you. We have been helping both businesses and individuals with their tax returns for almost 50 years. With our staff of Certified Public Accountants, former IRS Revenue Officers, and a tremendous support team, we’ll take care of your taxes and make sure everything is prepared correctly. It will be a relief to hand off your documentation to us and let our expert staff take care of things for you.

Resolve to start the new year in good financial shape, by making an appointment for your tax preparation. We can also help you with your monthly bookkeeping, payroll, planning, cash flow, and much more. Don’t wait until you need tax help or resolution. Come to Levy and Associates, today, and let us take care of your taxes for you.

Contact Levy & Associates for Dependable Tax Audit Services

Levy & Associates is available for free initial consultations. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the audit process or address any concerns about your specific situation.

There’s never a good time to be audited, and the time-consuming process will take away from your business or family if you try to face it alone. Let us handle and coordinate communication, so you can return to your daily life.