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What’s the Difference Between a Tax Lien and a Tax Levy?

The process of paying off tax debts can be confusing. When a taxpayer owes money [...]
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How Often Can the IRS Audit Me?

If you’ve ever been audited by the IRS, you might be wondering if they can aud [...]
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When Should You Hire an Offer in Compromise Attorney?

If your tax bill feels insurmountable, you may be able to qualify for an Offer i [...]
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What Triggers Tax Audits?

On average, the IRS audits about 0.6% of tax returns each year. This means that [...]
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Common Freelance Tax Questions

In the current economy, the amount of those employed as independent contractors [...]
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A: Although it may be hard to believe, the IRS isn’t always as heartless [...]
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