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If you receive a notice from the IRS, your natural instinct is most likely somewhere between concern and panic. While this is normal, it is not necessary. The IRS sends out millions of notices to taxpayers around the country, each tax year, so you are not alone in your worry. Take a minute, once you receive the notice, follow these simple steps, and then, if you are still concerned, contact a tax attorney for further help dealing with the notice.

  1. First, take a deep breath. Panic will only prevent you from thinking clearly and won’t help you resolve the situation. Once you feel calmer, proceed.
  1. Understand that the IRS sends notices for many different reasons, ranging from a request for payment of back taxes, to notifying you that your account needs additional information. Just because you receive a notice doesn’t mean you owe thousands of dollars.
  1. Look for the specific instructions that will be contained within the notice. These should indicate how you can satisfy the inquiry.
  1. If you find it is a correction notice, review the information contained, in comparison with the information with your return. If you find that you agree with the correction, there is often no need to reply unless a payment is due. If you disagree, though, make sure you respond and explain why you disagree. Also include any documents or information you think the IRS should have.
  1. If you have questions that you feel you need answered immediately, you can either call the IRS office or call a tax help company for help seeking tax resolution. 

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