You Missed A Tax Deadline Now What

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You knew your tax return was due, but somehow it didn’t get filed on time. Maybe you were too busy, or maybe you just forgot. But, either way, it happened. You missed filing your taxes by April 15. Now what do you do?

First, you should take a deep breath. You are not going to go to jail for missing the filing deadline, nor is the IRS going to immediately place a tax levy or lien your property. However, you still need to act quickly. The sooner you file, after missing the deadline, the fewer the penalties and interest. If you are owed a refund, you also want to file quickly, so you don’t lose it.

If you have a good reason for missing the deadline, such as serious illness or death, you should immediately contact us for help. We specialize in tax relief and will work with the IRS to reduce the penalties involved. And, if you are unable to pay the taxes you owe, we offer tax resolution services, to work out a fair payment plan with the IRS that won’t leave you financially strapped.

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