What Is an Accountant?

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An accountant is a professional that works in the financial sector and deals with a range of financial matters and issues on behalf of a company or clients. Accountants may specialize in a particular area of accountancy or may offer general accountancy services. Some accountants work for a single business as a company accountant whereas others will work for themselves or for a firm of accountants, offering accounting services to a range of clients.

What Does an Accountant Do?

The type and amount of material that an accountant deals with can vary based on his or her specialist skills and where the person works. However, there are a number of different types of work that an accountant may take on, which includes payroll services, accounts payable or receivable, tax returns, audits, and the provision of a range of other financial services such as dealing with expenses and billing.

The nature of this type of job means that accountants have to be good with numbers, have an eye for detail and be able to provide accurate information. They also need to be able to explain accounting procedures to others who may not be well versed in accountancy, whether this is in the form of clients or colleagues at their place of employment.

Accounts can work in different sectors and are therefore referred to by different names. This includes public accountants, such as those who work for companies and individuals. There are also management accountants, who tend to work on an in-house basis for a particular firm. You also get government accountants, who work for various government departments and agencies.

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