The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is an institution that is nearly as old as the country.

The federal government agency was established to manage and police income tax returns. For this reason, it’s responsible for collecting taxes while following the Internal Revenue Code.

The Internal Revenue Code is the primary federal statutory tax law in the United States to help regulate taxes. Consequently, the IRS examines every tax return that is filed each year for accuracy.

IRS Tax Punishments

In addition to tax audits, the IRS may damage your reputation in numerous other facets. For example, the government agency may garnish your wages or freeze bank accounts through a tax lien. Meanwhile, a tax levy means that the IRS could seize your personal assets and business.

It’s why some tax preparation or tax resolution services elect to hire former IRS employees to join their staff. It’s a practice that Levy & Associates has created when we started building our team nearly a half century ago.

Levy & Associates is honored to offer a team that not only includes the most qualified and hard-working tax attorneys, but also CPAs and former IRS employees.

Former IRS Employees Bring Knowledge & Expertise

One of the primary reasons that Levy & Associates has made a point to also hire former IRS Revenue Officers, Appeals Officers, Offer in Compromise Specialist in addition to our CPAs and tax attorneys is because of the knowledge and expertise they bring to the table.

There’s no information like insider knowledge – which is precisely what former employees can deliver to the clients they represent at Levy & Associates.

Former IRS tax employees present a new perspective and way to stand up to the tax agency. They’re committed, like the rest of your tax resolution team, to get you back on the right path to financial stability and less stress in your life.

Team - Levy & Associates

Benefits of Hiring Former IRS Employees: When you work with a former IRS tax agent, you receive all the benefits of someone who knows how the tax system works, what IRS employees look for when selecting accounts to audit, and more.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of getting tax help from a former IRS employee:

IRS Audit Support: When you’re going through an audit, it’s tough to know what to expect and what you should do next. Former employees are extremely familiar with the process as well as the best methods for getting out of trouble or resolving debt.

Tax Resolution Services: Former employees are critical members of our team when it comes to resolving complicated tax issues like liens and levies. Team members can also help with other IRS punishments like wage garnishments or paying back taxes.

Getting Out of Debt: Most clients that need a tax attorney are facing serious consequences with the IRS, including a significant tax bill. Former employees understand the process and how to get out of debt sooner, such as helping draft an Offer in Compromise proposal.

Expert Advice: Our former IRS tax employees provide consultation for not only clients, but the company. We consistently find ways to improve and get better results so you can trust our tax relief services!

Former IRS Agent Tax Help – Offer in Compromise

One of the most complicated aspects of resolving tax issues is getting an Offer in Compromise approved. For those facing tax debt that exceeds their ability to pay, an Offer in Compromise is so important.

Former IRS agent tax help with an Offer in Compromise is a huge benefit of working with a firm that employs former IRS employees. You’ll need to prove that you cannot pay your full tax liability and that the amount you owe is greater than the amount the IRS could recover using a collection company.

The IRS only accepts about 40 percent of the Offer in Compromise proposals that it receives. As a result, if you want to have the highest chances of a favorable outcome, stick with a professional that gets you better than the others.

About the Levy & Associates Tax Resolution Team

Tax issues will not just go away with time. You must face them head on with a team of financial professionals. Once you resolve your tax issues, you want to know that you have the right team behind you to prevent future issues.

Our extensive and diverse team is the key to our success. We have the right people to guide you in your tax needs from tax filing to resolving back taxes. Our team includes the following professionals:

Former IRS Revenue Officers
Tax Attorneys
Tax Consultants
Support Staff

We work with both individuals and businesses to guide them in tax preparation and tax resolutions. Our customers appreciate being able to reach a team member seven days a week because financial matters cannot wait!

For this reason, Levy & Associates wants to show you how our former IRS employees can be an asset to your tax resolution needs. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Team - Levy & Associates

“Greg, Lance, Stephanie and team are some of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of working with! They are on point when it comes to helping our crew out with our IRS tax issues! They saved our company and the owner so much money already! Thankful for Levy & Associates!!”

– Erica Dell

“I had an IRS issue that no one was able to help me with. Someone recommended that I call The Levy Group so I did. They helped me with resolving a very difficult situation. I very thankful with what they were able to accomplish.”

– David Carpenter

Contact Levy & Associates for Dependable Tax Audit Services

Levy & Associates is available for free initial consultations. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the audit process or address any concerns about your specific situation.

There’s never a good time to be audited, and the time-consuming process will take away from your business or family if you try to face it alone. Let us handle and coordinate communication, so you can return to your daily life.