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How Can I Stop an IRS Tax Seizure? ››

For whatever reason you chose to refuse to pay the IRS, they will use the full extent of their power to make sure that they receive their money. When ...

What are Accuracy Related Penalties for Federal Taxes? ››

You will face a tax bill if you are audited and the IRS finds out that you have understated income, had an inaccurate tax return, or took improper tax...

Penalty Abatement ››

If you have accrued IRS tax penalties due to circumstances that were beyond your control, you may be eligible for penalty abatement. The amount that i...

Get IRS Tax Penalties Under Control ››

Owing back taxes to the IRS is not a good situation. And something that can make it worse, very quickly, is the penalty that you accrue when you owe t...

What Can Be Done When You Owe IRS Penalties ››

When you owe back taxes to the IRS, you not only owe the money for the taxes, but you also owe interest and penalties on that money. The longer it tak...

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