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It is incredibly important to file your taxes on time every year even if you are concerned with how you will afford back taxes. While the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does have a variety of debt resolution programs, it does not offer much forgiveness for those that fail to file their taxes by the annual deadline.

Therefore, the first step is to file your taxes on time. There are numerous tax preparation services which are generally available through a qualified CPA. Meanwhile, tax attorneys work with clients that have already filed their taxes and need assistance with tax resolution services.

As a result, there’s a distinct difference between the role of a CPA and tax attorney regarding your personal income taxes. Learn more about the important differences and how a tax attorney can help address your financial situation as soon as you make a call to Levy & Associates at 800-TAX-LEVY.

What Is a Tax Attorney?

Tax attorneys help with a variety of functions. They are especially helpful for small business owners that must tackle more complicated tax codes. A qualified business tax attorney may assist with the following:

Businesses of all sizes are required by law to file and pay taxes every year like private citizens. A knowledgeable CPA can help prepare and file your taxes. Then, if you need additional tax resolution services, a reputable business tax attorney can handle more complicated matters.

Tax Resolution Services

Levy & Associates has a long history of providing hard working, reputable, ethical, and responsible tax attorneys. Our tax resolution services can help taxpayers with the following dilemmas:

Contact Levy & Associates today to speak to a tax attorney at no cost to you. Schedule a free consultation by calling 800-TAX-LEVY or email us directly.

Tax Attorney Vs. CPA

There’s a primary difference between a CPA and tax attorney. In general, CPAs work with taxpayers prior and up to the point of filing a new return.

On the other hand, tax attorneys traditionally assist clients after they have filed with tax resolution services. They also may assist business owners throughout the year on other, more complicated tax procedures.

Tax attorneys help people with their taxes, yet their training is quite different from CPAs. These professionals have a law degree and have passed the state bar exam. Generally, tax attorneys are helpful for individuals facing tax issues such as back taxes, liens, levies, and offers in compromise.

You should consider working with a tax attorney who knows how to handle settling back taxes, what to do if you haven’t filed tax returns in several years, how to get wage garnishments stopped, and compromising with the IRS. When facing tax issues, you do not need a tax preparer as much as you need a tax attorney.

Levy & Associates – Your Complete Tax Team

As you look for a team that can prepare your taxes and represent you in all tax matters, look for a team that includes both tax attorneys and CPAs. The more complete your tax team is with a variety of professionals, the better prepared you are for everything the IRS sends your way.

At Levy & Associates, we employ CPAs, former IRS revenue officers, accountants, tax consultants, and support staff to ensure we’re here when you need us. From helping you manage your business finances to responding to IRS audits, our team includes the type of professionals you need to protect your financial wellbeing.

We work with both individuals and businesses to help ensure tax compliance, offer tax resolutions, and provide financial advice you can trust. Our services include tax resolution, audit defense, and accounting services to provide you a holistic financial partner.

When you need our team, we’ll be there for you seven days a week. We know tax questions don’t wait until Monday, so we make sure to support you and answer your questions in a timely manner, even on the weekends.

Learn more about what makes us a premier choice for your tax needs by scheduling a consultation to learn more. During the consultation, we’ll listen to your current tax situation, answer any questions you have, and explain our process in more detail.

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