What Do I Do When I Get Audited By the IRS?

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Although most of us hope that we will never be audited by the IRS, it could and does happen. No matter how unlikely it is that you will be audited based on statistics, you never know when this could happen and it is important to be prepared. One thing you should whether or not you are being audited by the IRS is maintain accurate records of relevant documents, invoices, receipts, etc. as this is something that could be crucial if at some point you are audited.

What Do I Need When the IRS Audits Me?

If you do find out that the IRS is going to be auditing you, it is a good idea to look through your tax return thoroughly so that you can refresh your memory with regards to the information on the return. Once this is done, you should make sure you organize your documentation and records so that you have everything to hand to provide the IRS with supporting evidence for everything on your return in the event that they ask for supporting evidence.

Another thing you may want to consider if you are particularly worried or uncomfortable about the audit is hiring the services of a public accountant. These professionals can prove invaluable in helping you to get prepared and ensuring you have exactly what you will need to keep the taxman happy. In cases where the audit is being carried out at your business premises, you may want to advise staff not to talk about the business with IRS staff and to direct all enquiries to you or a designated member of your company.

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