What Is a Tax Audit?

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Many people who file their taxes on time and make payments to the IRS on time believe that they will never come under scrutiny by the tax office because they are doing everything right. However, a tax audit can affect anyone and can be carried out on your tax return even if you filed on time and are up to date on all of your taxes.

In short, a tax audit is a procedure where a tax official will go through your tax return carefully, scrutinizing each line and section of your return. There may, of course, be no problem with the return and that can be the end of the matter. On the other hand, the tax official may find something that he or she believes is a mistake or needs to be rectified. The tax officer may also contact you to ask you to provide documentation or supporting evidence of some of the things you have put in your tax return following the audit.

Tax audits can take place in a number of ways, and there are three main types of audit, which includes the office, field and correspondence audit. These relate to where and how the audit takes place. In many cases, the audit used is a correspondence one where the auditing all takes place via mail. In the case of a field audit, a tax official would visit your home or office to carry out the inspection and verify the data on your return. Finally, with an office audit you would go to the examiner’s office with your supporting evidence and any other details that you have been asked to provide.

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