Who Does the IRS Audit?

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An IRS audit is something that many people find themselves having to go through and although it may seem like a very daunting process is it often pretty straightforward providing you have been accurate and honest with your tax return. This is an audit that is carried out by an official from the IRS or what is often referred to as an examiner, who will go through your tax return with a fine tooth comb as part of the audit.

Once the IRS examiner has carried out the audit, you may be asked to rectify or explain certain things on your tax return or you may be asked to provide supporting evidence and documentation relating to certain things that you have put on your tax return. It is the job of the IRS auditor or examiner to pick up on any potential discrepancies on your tax return, such as information that is clearly inaccurate or information that does not seem to be accurate. This could be anything from a simple mistake in figures you have entered through to unrealistic information relating to deductions.

The examiner that carries out the audit on your tax return may carry out the procedure using one of a range of methods. This includes the correspondence audit, which is carried out by post, the field audit, which is carried out at your home or office, or the office audit, which is carried out at the examiner’s office. In many cases, it is the correspondence audit that is carried out but this is something that the IRS examiner will advise you of if and when your return is selected for audit.

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