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Tax Resolution Compliance Is Vital

There are many reasons why individuals or business fall out of compliance with their tax returns. They range from divorce, physical or mental illness, death of a spouse or a close family member, loss of a job or home or business.  While most people that fall into tax related issues and fail to be compliant are good honest people once the issues exasperate and are continually ignored, it is harder to get a hold of the situation and regain compliance.  

Once the wheels are in motion with letters and phone calls and then liens and levies, the situation can quickly get to a point where individuals or businesses are choked and feel there is no end in sight.  The IRS or State tax issues will not go away and that is why dealing with the problems head on, as they come, is the only real answer.  

Compliance is a vital part of any tax resolution.  Delinquent tax returns and back taxes must be addressed and made compliant in order to truly have a successful outcome.  There is no way of getting around that.  Some tax resolution firms handle only the tax resolution.  They do not deal with the tax preparation side and will tell their clients to go elsewhere for that service by using a national chain.  Having another firm handle a vital part of tax resolution such as delinquent tax returns can hamper the turnaround time of a successful tax resolution.  

Levy and Associates is not only a leading tax resolution firm but we also handle all facets of tax preparation as we keep tax prep in-house as our CPAs and Accountants work in conjunction with our Attorneys, Enrolled Agents and Former IRS Revenue Officers.  Knowing the status of the tax preparation phase is important as keeping the IRS or State informed with the process assists with the negotiation and the relationship between the various parties.  We at Levy and Associates understand the intricate issues related to tax resolution.  We have been around for 20 years and have some of the most qualified people on staff.   If you have any questions on how our A+ BBB rated staff can help, please fill out the form to the right or click on the button below.

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