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Tax Resolution Firms There Are Good Ones Out There

The Tax Resolution FIrms has been under fire as of late due to company specific issues.  Over the last year we have seen at least 2 major firms shut down as a result of investigations into deceptive advertising practices and unfortunately, others are still being investigated.  While this temporarily imposes a negative tag on the tax relief industry there are many firms that play by the rules and provide excellent, honest customer service to their clients.  

To avoid falling prey to an unscrupulous tax resolution firm make sure you do your research on not only the firm but the person doing the representation. The internet is obviously a great place to do as much digging as you can.   Sites like or can provide valuable information on a company that you may be considering.  Signing up with a company without doing any research may provide costly in the end, especially if you sign up with a less than reputable firm.  However, if you do get burned, try these tips to try and get your money back or at least a portion.

Go right to the top; find out the owner or someone that has the authority to deal with your situation.  Write a letter stating your dissatisfaction and include all the individuals listed on the Power of Attorney (Form 2848).  Include in the letter your intentions to file a report with the BBB and the Attorney General of the State where the company does business.  Also, indicate that the Office of Professional Responsibility for the IRS will be notified as well.  By expressing your concerns along with notification of your intent to report the company should get someone to notice and address your situation in a timely manner.  

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