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Tax Resolution Services How To Fill Out A 433 A and 433 B

In many tax resolution services case, one of the most important aspects of the case is determining the financial condition of the taxpayer.  When a taxpayer has over $25,000 in tax debt, the IRS will likely require that a 433-A or 433-B (business) be completed.  This will give the IRS an understanding of what the taxpayer looks at on paper and will help with determining what type of tax resolution is possible.    

At first glance, the forms may seem difficult and some of our clients feel overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to complete them.  Prior to taking on the task of filling out the forms, the taxpayer should get a complete grasp of all of their financial information.  All income and expenses need to be accounted for and Levy and Associates can help as we have put together a client checklist which can give an idea on what information will be needed.  To download our free client checklist, please click here, FREE CLIENT TAX RESOLUTION CHECKLIST.  Once you review the checklist and have the required information assembled, the next step would be to fill out the Collection Information Statement (CIS), the 433-A or 433-B. 

If you are client of Levy and Associates, our staff will assist with the preparation and completion of the required forms.  We have even gone a step further and created video tutorials where our CEO, Lawrence Levy walks through the forms, line by line.  You can view them, for free, on our website by clicking this link, TAX RESOLUTION SERVICES VIDEO TUTORIALS.

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