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Tax Statistics and Facts

Filing taxes can be a complicated process, especially when you consider the different tax laws and deductions. There are different taxes and deductions for each level of government, from federal taxes all the way down to state and local taxes. Although taxes can be filed by an individual, a professional tax accounting service can help individuals save time and get the most back in returns.

Filing personal taxes can cost both time and money. If an individual is filing online like most Americans, there are costs to using one of the different tax programs and additional costs for filing both federal and state returns. After paying these costs, an individual must then take time away from work or family to properly fill out the forms and file them. On the other hand, although a professional tax accountant is paid for services rendered, the tax accountant will save the individual the time and stress of filing at home.

A professional tax accountant will also know the most about the different tax laws and possible deductions. The tax code in the United States has around 4 million words in it, making it very difficult for an individual to know everything. A professional tax accountant knows more about the United States’ tax code and knows where to look if any questions or problems arise. Since professional tax accountants are more knowledgeable when it comes to the tax code, the accountant will better be able to find all of the allowable deductions, helping the client get the most money back.

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