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*Client testimonials are based on individual circumstances and will vary according to client’s financial condition and the type of tax owed.

Sarah A August 20198

I had a partner who put me in a very bad place with the IRS both professionally and personally. I actually thought I could explain it to the IRS, they would understand and all would be ok. It didn't happen that way though and I actually made it worse. So I went to Levy and they picked up the pieces. As nervous as I was, I just let them do what they do and it worked. It feels good to be out from under the IRS. THANKS LEVY!

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russ smith August 2019

WOW what a mess... I thought it would never get it fixed. I went to Franskoviak for help, spoke with Mike at first, he passed me off to a subordinate. When all was done I thought I was on track and then it hit the fan. We argued about my refund amount, we argued about the errors in my filling, we argued about my payment. Talk about feeling helpless again. I went and got help and the help failed. Now what, I still can’t sleep. Then I found Levy by circumstance and oh what a heaven sent. Lance grabbed the ball while I was still interviewing with Lawrence and presto, a good night’s sleep finally. Then they recommended Dan from their Florida office, a specialist who could help me best with my situation. What a great guy. He knew my concerns and got me right with the IRS and then set me straight on the future and how to keep me financially healthy. Thank you Lawrence & Lance and especially you Dan, for all your great help, I don’t know where I would be without you guys. PS Dan when I get to Florida I’ll buy you a beer!

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D Scott watkins August 2019

For nearly a decade the State of Michigan held an estimated payroll tax lien against me personally the caused me to virtually have little of now access to substantial credit. I found Levy and Associates in my effort to do something and through their assessment of my situation they created a strategy to remove the personal lien and did so, great! But, then I bought my house and immediately the State came right back with the same matter and liened my home!!!! Again Levy and associates analyzed the situation and created another strategy that paid off and I settled the lien for a very small fraction of the cost.... How does it feel...? Well frankly a huge wait is off my shoulders now.

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Gerald Hill August 2019

They reduce my taxes from 43,000 to 500.00 dollars

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Erica Dell August 2019

Greg, Lance, Stephanie and team are some of the most amazing people I've had the pleasure of working with! They are on point when it comes to helping our crew out with our IRS tax issues! They saved our company and the owner so much money already! Thankful for Levy & Associates!! We appreciate you!!

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Alejandro Blanco July 2019

It was a wonderful experience with Levy Tax professionals they always answer the phone and taking such a great care of every single detail thank you so much for your help

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Thomas Gerald July 2019

First I want to thank Lance my first person of contact who brought me in and told me that i came to the right place. Man was he a Man of his word . Secondly I want to thank Bianca who is nothing but a Angel that contacted me and also (not maybe ) (not i think so) (or probably) but did exactly what they said they would do. ( Flawless). I came in with very low to no hope at all and left there breathing again thanks to all ASSOCIATED WITH LEVY AND ASSOCIATES . AGAIN SPECIAL THANKS TO MR. L. MS. B. MUCH THANKS AND LOVE. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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george greg July 2019

My experience with Levy Tax Professionals has been, and continues to be, an outstanding one, and I am glad that I'm a Levy client. This firm truly exemplifies and exhibits the highest standards of professionalism in every respect. Client service and communication are excellent, and are of obvious paramount importance to them. From the very beginning, all of my questions and concerns were promptly responded to and addressed. From Mr. Lawrence Levy, to Dave, Lance, Arnold, Tonya and every single person I have dealt with, I am grateful. The results they achieved on my behalf, were amazing, and surpassed my expectations. Together, they brought me to "good tax health" and are continuing to keep me there .... I'm very appreciative. They're the best!

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Cory Evans July 2019


That is all I have to say about Lawrence Levy and his team. I am rarely impressed and I never write reviews. But Lawrence and his Top Notch professional team has inspired me to express how awesome they are.

A special shout out should go to Gregory, Danielle, and Stephanie. They squashed my stress and overwhelm with their remarkable results.

What was most impressive was I could tell their efforts were from a genuine desire to truly help, I never felt like just another number. Lawrence could tell I was stressed and acted accordingly to alleviate my fears with swift action.

And when the case took a turn that required more time and energy on their part, Lawrence didn't mention any more cost. When I brought it up, he said he wasn't concerned about that at all; but only concerned with addressing the new issues in a timely manner. It was a Total Pro move and Total Pros all around.


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Steve Klager July 2019

Levy and Associates are very professional! They completely stand behind their word on taking care of business to the fullest. Greg and Lance have been on top of my case every since they accepted the challenge a few years ago. Honestly, I was a little skeptical forking out that kind of cash up front. I figured they would look at the case and deal with a couple things and then move on to other clients. That's not the case, they said they would work on this until the IRS is paid and they continue to stand by their word. In todays word, it's VERY hard to find a company that stands by what they say. I am forever great full that I chose Levy and Associates to handle my IRS debt issue. Thank you Team!!

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LaCresha Haywood July 2019

I went to Levy & Assocites to get help with my past returns and they jumped right into action from day one. After a few months of working with the IRS, they got me into an installment agreement that I could afford. Whenever I had questions or concerns that got back to immediately. Thank you Lance, Renee, Nicole, Bianca, Mr. Rose and my very kind friend at the front desk!!! Great Team!!!

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Susan Hooks-Brown June 2019

I kid you not ! Going to Levy & Associates for help is the best thing I've ever done by far. We never before had any Tax problems, but all of a sudden we had a tremendous tax problem. Lance and Stephany was kind, patience and professional. They did a great job of solving and deleting our tax problem. We recommend to anyone who are in tax debt with the IRS to run to Levy $ Associates in a hurry ! They are the best.

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Willie Andruss June 2019

Amazing personal service.

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S Schmidt June 2019

My experience with Levy & Associates has been nothing less than outstanding. Their knowledge, capability, and patience in answering all my questions surpassed my expectations. My needs were handled efficiently and respectfully with all tax issues completely resolved, and their attitude was always professional and thoughtful. I would highly recommend their business. Nicole, Bianca, Lance - you're the best! Thank you everyone for your excellent service!

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ronald malabed May 2019

Levy & Associates helped me with my substantial debt I owed to the IRS. I thought my wages would be garnished and that liens would be put on my property. They were very kind, caring, and professional in handling my IRS problem. I'm happy to say that with their help, I won't owe anything and my problems with the IRS are gone. I highly recommend Levy & Associates to anyone that has a tax problem.

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Matt Magner May 2019

I had a great experience with Mr levy and his associate Liz, they were very very professional helping me with my tax’s and resolving some issues, highly knowledgeable and highly recommend thanks guys !

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Fred Marshall May 2019

Exceptionally curious and professional. Very thorough and I recommend. The staff has been very kind to me and my family.

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Halie Mahoney May 2019

I had an exceptional experience with Levy & Associates, Inc! Lawrence and his time are very responsive, efficient, and friendly. They helped me in a real pinch! I will definitely be a customer for years to come, and I recommend them to anyone who needs help with their taxes! Thanks for everything!

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michele mrozek March 2019

WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE! Lance was my first point of contact with Levy & Associates. He showed me great respect and empathy with my situation. He explained the process and my options very clearly and moved extremely quickly to get me the documents and information that was needed to get the process going. This was on a Tuesday. On Wednesday before noon, Lance and Greg conferenced me in and Greg had already spoken to the IRS and resolved my issue. UNBELIEVABLE!
I know this can't always be the case, but when it's you and you are having sleepless nights with worry, this meant the world to me for this issue to not only be resolved but with such expedience. If I could put this on a billboard for all to see how great Levy & Associates, Inc. are, I certainly would. Thank you Greg and Lance, from the bottom of my heart!

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Armando Santos March 2019

This organization will fight the IRS and State for your rights, no matter how long it will take. They take the burden off you. Mr. Levy, Lance and the rest of the back office support is always available.

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Kemberly Tompson March 2019

If there was a way to give this firm 10 stars I would in a heartbeat. I woke up this morning with relief and hope for my and my husband's financial future for the first time in over ten years. It is all because of Lawrence Levy and his amazing staff. My troubles with the IRS had been hanging over my and my husband's head for over a decade and we both felt as if we had a dark cloud over our heads and were fearful as to what was going to happen. We had an especially aggressive IRS Revenue Officer that most recently served a Garnishment Lien on my employee wages. To say I was panicked is an understatement. We had attempted to work with tax firms before but nothing ever got resolved. The IRS Levy was due to hit my very next paycheck unless by some miracle I could get a Levy Release in TWO days to my payroll department. This seemed impossible and I felt that the IRS was like a dragon that was getting ready to roast me and my family. This levy would have taken 70% of my take home check. I decided to give it a 'Hail Mary' and try to contact a tax firm to see if someone could perform a miracle in two days. I saw Lawrence's firm on my web search - Levy & Associates - the reviews were good. I crossed my fingers and called late during the evening. To my extreme surprise my call was passed on and I received a call from one of Levy & Associates team members. This was around 8:30 p.m. in the evening. They listened closely to my case and the extremely short time frame I had. They were knowledgeable and assured me that they would do everything they could to help me out. The next morning I spoke with Lawrence who is by far the MOST knowledgeable, professional and assertive tax pro I had ever encountered. I felt that there may be a chance this could happen. I met with Lawrence on Wednesday and signed up. He and his team were already working on my case before I arrived at the office. Lawrence and his team took the time to listen to me and advise me and my husband. I cannot say enough about this man's acumen and professionalism. I walked out with hope for this first time. The clock was ticking, we had until 3 p.m. Friday to get the Levy released. The next morning I was on the phone and email with Danielle and Stephanie. This two ladies are dynamite! Danielle helped me through my 433A and communicated with my dragon - AKA - IRS Revenue Officer. Danielle and team were able to do the impossible. Lawrence and his team actually GOT THE LEVY RELEASED by Thursday - one day before the deadline. This is less than 48 hours from the time I spoke to their first representative. I received the email with the release and Lawrence called me shortly after. I have to admit it - I teared up. After all of the fear and frustration and feeling like my situation was insurmountable there was a light at the end of the tunnel. If you find yourself in ANY kind of IRS situation DO NOT make the mistake of going to a 'tax lawyer' . Levy & Associates can help with ANY tax situation you find yourself in, even if you owe 250k plus. Lawrence, Danielle, Stephanie and the rest of Levy & Associate's team members are our white knights that are helping us 'slay' the IRS dragon. This is ALL that they do and you will instantly know when you speak with Lawrence that this is the man and the firm you WANT on your side. If you have an IRS dragon chasing you chose King Arthur and his knights. That is what they represent to me. I only wish that more people knew about this group. They gave both me and my husband our hope back and for the first time I feel like we are going to be able to get everything resolved. Best thing I ever did!

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Mike Vullo March 2019

More than a year ago, the IRS walked into my office unannounced and demanded $250, 000 and a mountain of paperwork. I was crushed and scheduled a consult with Levy and they got the situation under control. Saved me AT LEASE 200K. I'm forever grateful for their knowledge and professionalism.

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John Hanson January 2019

I had great experience with Levy and Associates. Lance was very helpful and on the ball with everything. They returned my calls, emails, and texts almost instantly. They truly walk through the whole process with you. I also had an excellent outcome with my case. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

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Chris Marx January 2019

I was referred to Levy and Associates with a monumental task at hand their patience in explaining the process to me and their skilled negotiation skills and extensive knowledge of what could be done delivered to me exceptional results in a shorter time than originally projected. I highly recommend this firm for any tax resolution work that you may need done. Thank you Levy and Associates.

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Andrea Bedard January 2019

I had gotten to a point where I believed the hole I was in was so deep there was no recovery. I had heard the commercials countless times but was too intimidated, too embarrassed and frankly too scared to make the phone call. When I felt my back was against the wall, and the rock of reality was rolling towards me, I surrendered and made the call. I spoke with and then met with Lance Tobia. I can say that walking in that office was the most vulnerable feeling I have ever experienced. Lance assured me that everything would be okay and they started to work. Some signatures, forms, documents, and the process began. Pete Thakore was a Godsend and my champion. This had been a burden I carried alone for a long, long time. I can tell you truthfully that I could not have done this myself; I wouldn't know where to start. To have someone say, "We got this." and mean it, was priceless. I am looking at the end of 2018 with a new outlook and hope I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams in January of this year. If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unsure; I encourage you to make the call. They may not have wings, but I can tell you that angels do exist; Some of them work at Levy & Associates.

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Rosie Fink January 2019

My whole family was suffering due to the strain the IRS tax debt was putting on all of us. Fear of the unknown and worry about being judged and ridiculed kept the spiral going until I finally called Levy & associates. It was like instant relief. Every single staff member I came in contact with assured me they would take care of the situation ; it was in their hands now and I could stop worrying. I never felt judged or stupid, I felt relief from day one.
We now have a offer in compromise in place and a debt of over $120,00 has been reduced to $11,000. I have my life back & I will be FOREVER grateful for the fresh start

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Clark December 2018

Levy & Associates persevered. Again and again the IRS made decisions to reject our Offer In Compromise for one reason, then another, then another, that was against the IRS own rules. Levy & Associates never gave up. They persevered at the lower level and then into the appeal process where, once again, the IRS would make different decisions. Finally, we received an acceptance to our Offer In Compromise. Thank you Levy & Associates for never giving up.

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Pam Robinson December 2018

The Levy & Associates staff have been great to work with. Right from day one they have handled my tax situation in an extremely professional way. From my initial pleasant call with Lance to my introduction to Paul who is handling my actual case with great care and last but not least there is Aarisha Talley, who collects all the tons of documentation needed, let's just say she and I have bonded. We are still in the honeymoon stage so the matter has not been resolved to date and things are still being worked on, but I have the utmost confidence that the Levy Team will get the best outcome and results for me.

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Dave B. November 2018

In 2012, an Agent from the IRS knocked on my door wanting to collect over $400,000 in back taxes, because my now-deceased CPA improperly filed a 1031 Exchange transaction in 2004.

After a Google search, I found Levy & Associates! What a relief! After my initial inquiry, Lawrence Levy personally called me and reassured me that he and his team was there to get me thru such a hurdle. In no time, Lawrence and his incredible staff intervened with the IRS and was able to place me in “Currently Not Collectible” status, lifting such heavy weight from my shoulders. Over the years, Lawrence and his staff communicated with me frequently, filed annual corporate and personal taxes for me (ensuring that I took advantage of all tax deductions possible) and Lawrence often checked in on me personally. When I had major surgery in 2016, Levy & Associates sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. How many businesses do this?

In 2018, Lawrence, Stephanie & Danielle were able to file an Offer in Compromise on my behalf and convince the IRS to approve a settlement of $19,100 to forgive a tax burden of over $400,000. I am absolutely elated that after 7 years, my tax nightmare will finally go away and my family will be able to stop worrying about whether the IRS is going to knock on our door again.

I owe Levy & Associates a HUGE debt—they have been here for me for the past 7-years, both professionally and personally, and I am forever grateful. Words can’t properly describe my affection for such an incredible, competent and customer-focused organization, from the CEO to everyone who proudly represents the firm.

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Credit Profile Boost October 2018

Great service. Took time out and called me back and helped me out tremendously. Honest people who I recommend. Thanks again. Didn’t even charge me for the info needed which could of been handled by them. Will always be a customer .

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Denise Wanamaker September 2018

Thank you Lance for taking time out of your evening at the gym to ease our mind!!!

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Timothy Annis August 2018

were the only ones that listen to me first and then gave me the information ( straight shot me). So now I start to work with Courtnie. She’s was and is a God send!! Courtnie from day one you were precise and caring through the whole process. You took the time to answer and or response to every question, and concern I had. Let me tell you I had a lot of them. I can recall me calling many times and or sending you a emails’ and your response time is awesome!! On August 14th Courtnie sent me a email and called me to explain the OFC that the IRS came back with. $4,692.00 The offer was good but it was still too much for me t I ended up with a new Offer and compromise of only $10.00 Thanks Levy & Associates!!

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David Carpenter July 2018

I had an IRS issue that no one was able to help me with. Someone recommended that I call The Levy Group so I did. They helped me with resolving a very difficult situation. I very thankful with what they were able to accomplish.

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PB Looper June 2018

The Levy Group is who should have represent you if the IRS comes calling. My liability was over 100k and Lawrence and his team got it reduced to less than 10k. Their prompt action put my mind at ease and got me back on track. Why choose any other firm if you could choose The Levy Tax Group?

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Richard X April 2018

Lawrence and team are the best. They really are an amazing team,
I came to them with what I thought was a major problem and they handled it professionally and timely. I would highly recommend Levy & Associates to anyone with tax issues.

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Theodore Graham April 2018

I was in a terrible financial state due to illness. Levy and Associates were very understanding. They showed compassion for me and my family . They worked diligently with the IRS and got my levys released in a very short time. Levy and Associates are the greatest

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martin dominguez March 2018

above excellent service,no other way to put it,stopped the IRS abusive behavior agains me my company and my life and secure the best and just payment agreement for me levy is simple the best service arround

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Barry A. March 2018

I would like to take a moment to thank and recommend Levy and Associates.
I came to them several years ago with a serious IRS lien.
I felt relieved upon our first meeting. In a matter of months my problem was resolved.
I have used them since, for all my tax needs.
The staff is the most professional and courteous. This is a company you can trust.

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J.A. February 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Levy & Associates for helping me through very stressful and difficult negotiations with the IRS and the State of New York.

Because I have a Sub-S company, half of the debt was corporate and half was transferred to me personally. You and Greg Mahaffey performed what was almost a miracle, and I got my life back. My problems are gone and the matters have been settled. I never believed it could be done.

I am happy to recommend Levy & Associates to friends and anyone with similar issues who needs a miracle.

Thanks again for all your hard work on my behalf.

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Thomas Bresson February 2018

My tax situation with the IRS was hanging over my head for a decade and more. There seemed to be no end to it. No way to pay what I owed and no one to help. Levy and Assoc. was somehow able to resolve this issue and this issue was not the easiest for me to grasp. I am now able to live my life without fear of my bank account disappearing overnight. Levy and Assoc. worked a miracle for me. If you need help with an issue that you cannot seem to resolve, I highly recommend Lawrence Levy and his staff to find the answer and solve your issues.

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Sherry Toles January 2018

It is a wonderful company to work with.

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David V. July 2017

I cannot recommend Levy and Associates more highly. I went to them 4 years ago with a terrible mess of personal and professional taxes. They fought for me as vigorously as I could have possibly hoped for. After 4 years of this uphill battle, all past tax debts have been cleared and more importantly, I am now current with all my accounts and with their ongoing support, plan to remain compliant. It is with the utmost sincerity that I give this recommendation.

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Michael May 2017

I am amazed at what you and your team did for us. We have been overly stressed by the more than $100,000 we owe the IRS. Thanks to the magic your firm worked on our behalf, the IRS has decided to not pursue this debt. We can now sleep better at nights. Words cannot express how grateful we are.

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Joe D. May 2017

I am honored to have this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to Lawrence Levy, a man who has literally changed my life.

Approximately thirteen years ago a series of unfortunate business decisions placed me in direct conflict with the Internal Revenue Service. As a result, I lost everything to the government, including my livelihood and all of the tools necessary for me to continue earning a living in a field of employment in which I had, in prior years, achieved significant financial success. In addition, after losing all assets of value, I still had an outstanding liability to the government in excess of $300,000. Clearly, this was a debt that I would never be able to repay. However, as required, I paid the annual assessments as determined by the IRS, leaving me barely enough to live a meaningful life. As I approached the age of retirement, I realized that I must continue working into the foreseeable future with no end in sight. I was, and would continue, living from paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my life.

One day I listened to Lawrence Levy’s radio show (WFTL 850 AM) and it changed my life. He spoke with great knowledge of finance and taxes and encouraged his readers to contact him if they were in need of his help. I called him; we met, and I retained him to seek reprieve for me from the government’s stranglehold. Lawrence was incredible. He not only gave me hope, he delivered on his promise to get me the relief I needed. Through his intervention on my behalf, my liability to IRS was reduced from an amount in excess of $300,000 to the sum of $12,108. This was too good to be true and I remained skeptical until the official government documents arrived for me to sign. It was an outcome that exceeded my highest expectations. After years of anguish, Levy & Associates representation of me to the IRS gave me a new lease on life. I am forever indebted to them, not only for their acute negation skills, but also their sensitivity, compassion and concern for me and my family. Lawrence is not only an incredible tax resolution expert; he is an outstanding human being.

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Dana B. March 2017

I cannot thank Arnold and Lance and the rest of the staff at Levy and Associates.

My sister and brother in law had years of unpaid taxes that added up to well over $100,000. I wanted to help them but did not know where to turn. I was initially concerned about using this company instead of a local attorney, but so glad I gave them a chance!

After many months, we were able to secure a hardship with the IRS. The State was more difficult to deal with but we finally negotiated a payment plan and got the garnishment stopped.

During the entire ordeal, Lance and Arnold were extremely patient with me, which says a lot because I am a bit of a control freak. I never felt any hesitation to call if I had a question. This case took time but the results were great. My sister and brother were on the brink of financial ruin and it was breaking my heart because they work so hard. They are now caught up on their taxes and free of the emotional and financial drain of years of unpaid taxes. It is wonderful to see them smile again. My sincerest thanks to the whole team at Levy and Associates!

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Doug M. February 2017

I would like to thank the staff at Levy and Associates.

I had years of unfiled taxes that added up to $ 89,000. Afteryears of threatening letters as well as penalties and interest that were adding up each day I finally realized that the IRS wasn’t going away. A bit skeptical that anyone could get me out of this nightmare I decided to call Levy & Assoc.

I had pretty much accepted the fact that my situation was hopeless but during my consultation with Lawrence Levy and Lance Tobia they assured me my situation was not hopeless.After paying a deposit and setting up a payment plan they went to work and I felt relief instantly. They were very friendly I never felt any apprehension or anxiety to call if I had a question. My case took some time but in the end my debt was reduced to$ 2,800 and was given 5 months to pay! To say that I am happy with the results is an understatement. This nightmare is over and I have my life back, again thanks to Mr. Levy, Lance Tobia, Arnold Rose and the whole team.

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J.S. February 2017

I had a stroke three years. I was not able to work for more than two years and, in the last year, I was only able to find a minimum wage jobs. Because I was not able to pay my previous tax liability, we felt we had no hope and that we were all alone. The IRS continued to send letters and notices. The IRS could care less, of our true financial condition.
The good news is that we met Allen Reback and Levy Associates! Allen handled our situation professionally and with compassion. His team of professionals allowed me and my wife to receive an Offer in Compromise. My wife and I now have the ability to move forward and have hope for the future.
We cannot thank you enough for your help in resolving our tax liability. We highly recommend, that anyone who has tax problem, meet with Allen Reback with Levy Associates. They are true professionals!
Allen thank you for your hard work and your persistence.

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J. P. October 2016

I would like to thank you and the TEAM at Levy and Associates. The professionalism and individual attention you have shown is to be commended and is much appreciated. I truly count you as friends not just my tax issue general counsel. Any question I had you were quick to respond, and when I was stressed and concerned you talked me down and reassured me you were on top of things. Many thanks on behalf of the Partridge Family.

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Justin C. September 2016

For years, I put off dealing with the IRS. The thought of dealing with my wreckage made me sick. Finally, I was pushed into a corner and had to act. So I called Levy and within minutes I received a phone call from Lawrence , himself, on the way to his kid's soccer game no less. From that first phone call, I knew I made the right decision. My levy was released the very same day that I filled out the appropriate paperwork. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. I am very cynical when it comes to companies like this, but I would confidently recommend Levy to any of my friends or family in need. Had I known how easy this was, I would have done this years ago. If you're reading this, you owe it to yourself to give Levy a call. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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Coryn P. September 2016

As a fairly new small business owner I found myself struggling to get caught up with my state taxes. The amount that I owed was not large in comparison to bigger companies. Dealing with the state myself was going no where, I tried to make an effort to communicate and make payments as I could. The states staff that I dealt with were rude and flat. I didnt know what to do, and figured hiring tax professionals would lead me in the right direction. I reached out to Levy Tax Pros, and immediately I was impressed with the great customer service and knowledge that they had. Several people from their company helped me and communicated with me and eachother including the owner to get this matter handled diligently and quickly for me. My tax matter was handled in 3 days! I was so happy with the company and the services that they provided me. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is having tax issues no matter how small or big.

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Ryan M. August 2016

I had years of unfiled taxes and was in the process of getting approved for a mortgage to buy the home of my dreams. I was in way over my head with the tax situation and could not get my mortgage approved until the situation was resolved. I reached out to the Levy Group for help! They (Greg Mahaffey) quickly started to guide me through what needed to be done to get this resolved. It was an impossible situation and timing was of the essence due to having to close on my mortgage. The Levy Group made the impossible possible by getting all tax years filed and assessed within 4 months. They were also able to get me into an agreement that only came about through dedication, hard work, and expert negotiation, that got me back in good standing with the IRS. As a result, my wife and I are now living in the home of our dreams!! Thank you Greg Mahaffey and The Levy Group!!

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S.A. June 2016

I highly recommend Levy Tax Pros for three main reasons.

1. Trust - They are trustworthy and did everything they said they would do. There was never a point where I was in the dark.
2. Responsiveness - They do not do disappearing acts! When I had a question they responded quickly and continued to do this throughout the entire process. And I had a few!
3. Results - They not only achieved amazing results they took the time to discuss the goal and how we would get there based on my situation.

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Bob January 2016

I have been asked to write a few words about my experience with the folks at Levy and Associates in regards to am IRS tax matter. I have been dealing with this matter for three years now. It stems from a prior employer going out of business and owing the IRS payroll taxes. It was a small company of about 40 employees with a single owner who was very hands on and was the sole decision maker. Unfortunately for me, the IRS deemed that I was responsible for a portion of the tax debt. I originally had tried to argue this matter on my own with no success. I then hired legal council that took my money and did nothing for six months. I tried to ask my network of friends if they knew of a honest and above board lawyer or legal firm. No one did. I did some research and found a local legal team that sounded like they knew what they were doing and would try to assist me . That team ended up being Levy and Associates. Of course I was still a bit apprehensive, I had already got burned once. I talked to a couple of people before I agreed and Lance Tobia did my interview and sort of walked me thru the process. He was able to answer all my questions and gave me a feeling that his firm would do their best on my behave. I next was put in touch with Kim Phan who was to do the paperwork and be the point of contact with the IRS. She kept me posted as to the stages that we were going thru via emails and phone calls. The thing that I appreciated the most from her was she very honest with me. I did not get the standard reply of “we can resolve any tax matter in your best interest, just give us money”. She let me know from the start that there were no guarantees and the process could take some time. I put my trust in her and Levy and to my good fortune they were successful in arguing my case with IRS and the final results that Kim relayed to me was that I am going to be relieved of all fines, penalties and assessments in regards to this tax matter. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. At the end of the day, I made the right choice in letting Levy and Associates represent me. Thank you to all who helped and big thank you to Kim. What a huge weight removed from my life.

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Carolyn January 2016

I hope this review of my extraordinary experience with Levy and Associates has the impact to help you with your decision to seek the professional guidance offered by Lawrence and his colleauges. I also looked to this website and the reviews when trying to determine if there was help for my IRS predicament. The answer is YES. Lawrence and his team are wonderful. Claire handled my case with diligence and compassion. She kept me informed and managed my expectations. There was a considerable amount of information required and Claire walked me through it all with great success.
Yesterday I received a letter from the IRS, for too many years the IRS has made the mailbox a place I loathed to visit. Yesterday was different, in the box was not the “registered mail” notice I had become accustomed to, instead there was just a regular sized envelope containing a letter stating “We have accepted the Offer in Compromise you signed.” There aren’t words adequate to describe how I felt and still feel.
My misadventure with the IRS involved trust fund penalties, which are a result of unpaid 941 taxes. A bankruptcy attorney assured me the taxes would be paid from the liquidated assets of the bankruptcy. He was wrong. Now I found myself with a bankruptcy and still owing the IRS, not the intended result. I wish I had known about Levy and Associates before the bankruptcy was filed. I am certain Lawrence could have kept the IRS at bay while a resolution was worked out. Unfortunately, years passed before I was pointed in the direction of Levy and Associates. I had become quite discouraged. The revenue officer assigned to me from the IRS told me to never considered a “pennies on the dollar” offer in comprise because the IRS won’t accept it. I believed him.
A friend who was also a client of Levy and Associates suggested I call Lawrence. I remember the phone call, Lawrence called me that night to reassure me that his team would be able to work out a solution and to get a good night’s sleep. I didn’t have to shoulder this alone and you shouldn’t, when dealing with the IRS you don’t know what you don’t know, you need professional guidance; the IRS doesn’t begin to try to help you through anything. Within 5 months an offer in compromise was submitted and accepted by the IRS. I still can’t believe it. I have a new start and my life back. Lawrence and Claire are my angels from heaven.

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Kim K. December 2015

I just wanted to thank you and your team for your diligent work helping me through the difficult task of working with the IRS, State of Michigan and the Unemployment Agency. I had tried to work with the State of Michigan for almost two years and was unable to get anywhere on my own after my partner left me behind on my payments and in serious debt. It became so serious that they actually threatened to close the doors within days. That is when I was referred to your firm and you and your team took action right away, holding them off from closing my business and assisting me throughout the whole process and finally resolving my issues. I am now current and able to keep the business up and running, moving forward in the right direction.

I truly appreciate your time and efforts and can't thank you enough for all you have done.

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T.L. June 2015

I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Marc Schiller. He was straight shooting, no non-sense and very professional. There were no surprises and he delivered everything he said he would. I was referred to Marc through a friend I served with in Afghanistan, and he came highly recommended. I will be referring Marc to any and all who are in need of this kind of help. My wife and I are very grateful for the help we received during this stressful experience. Thank you all.

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T.J. June 2015

It started almost 1 year ago, letter from IRS that I owe close to 500,000 in taxes. I am a small business owner who ran this business primarily as an absentee owner. I had family and friends for the most part running the business. As you can expect, the letter scared me. I was working a full time job as a healthcare professional and had invested in this business to generate a little extra income. I clearly remember it was on a weekend that I opened the letter, first thing I did was start researching if this was a scam.....I guess wishful thinking. Within a few minutes I realized from that this was as real as it gets. I started searching on how to approach this problem and I stumbled on a few sites that help in issues like this. I took a few calls during the weekend, and within an hour felt comfort with Levy in him re-assuring me that this is not the end of the world and they will help me resolve this issue. Within a few days, I met with Levy and team and discussed the issue at hand, gave them a deposit and worked a payment plan to get started on the resolution. BTW, I had a vacation planned that next week which I thought about cancelling. Their assurance that they can work with me to fix all of this and work their hardest to reduce this astronomical number, gave me relief. In the next few months I gathered all the paperwork that was required, all throughout this process, Marc Schiller was always reachable..whether by phone or email.

In May, I received confirmation that my bill was reduced by 90% and a payment plan was worked out on my behalf. Not only did they help me reduce the bill, but their guidance during the first meeting we had eventually was an eye opening experience. I took control of all the paperwork going forward and with my accountants help and theirs, I found areas of opportunity to improve my business.

Please keep in mind that it was not an easy process, lots of paperwork was needed, pictures, charts, spreadsheets.... I supplied all the info and Marc made it as easy as possible...always giving positive reassurance.

Special Thanks to Marc Schiller!!!!!!!!!

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Melanie March 2015

Thank you Lawrence, Arnold and Stephanie,

On Friday morning we were alerted by our bank that our accounts had been brought to a 0 balance. After calling we found out it was the IRS levy. We called and spoke to Lawrence directly who assured us that they would get in contact with the IRS immediately. Not only was Lawrence very professional, but caring and compassionate to our situation.

Stephanie and Arnold were in contact with us right away getting needed information. Within hours the levy was lifted!!! I was emailed the needed documentation to take to my bank.

At the bank they were surprised to see how quickly Levy & Associates was able to get in contact with the IRS and get the levy lifted especially on a Friday! They had never seen this happen so quickly!

We can't thank Levy & Associates enough for the help they have provided us. It's obvious they're great at what they do but truly care about their clients.

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Rita March 2015

I never thought I would every say I had a great experience on anything related to the IRS; but I must say that you both have been a pleasure to work with. Not only have you resolved my problem in lighting fast time, but your efficiency has been remarkable. Lance you were very patient in explaining everything to me which was a real confidence boost to the process. And Kim, your skills at getting my issues with the IRS resolved so fast and the levy lifted with a payment schedule in such a way that works totally for me is indeed a blessing. I will be singing your praises to anyone I know with an IRS issue! Thanks so very much--this was a totally professional and pleasant experience.

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Nick November 2014

I would like to thank Allen Reback for his immediate assistance in getting an IRS LEVY on our bank accounts released in less than a 24 hour time period.
Our bank accounts were cleared out by the IRS without notification. After years of diligently paying off old debt from our financial demise, we were finally getting a bit ahead. Meaning, we were just getting our heads above water instead of living pay check to pay check.
Our bank notified us that all our accounts were cleaned out by the IRS levy. We felt helpless and distraught.

I researched for a company to help us as I knew we could not take care of this by ourselves. We had no idea we could get our money released to us and work out a reasonable payment plan.
I found LEVY & ASSOCIATES online. I read all that was posted on their web site. I looked them up at the Better Business Bureau and found there was not one complaint against them. I drove to the posted address on their web site for a local office to validate them a bit more. We have only worked with companies that have been referred to us by other business associates or friends when needing professional help. So, this was a very hard decision for us to make.

Allen took our call on the first phone call. He was very informative and confident he could get our money back within a day. I was skeptical and needed some sort of conformation that Allen could in fact get the LEVY released and get us into a payment plan. Allen kept in contact with me throughout the day and into the evening. Answering every phone call I made to him. Through the constant contact and “on top of his game”, Allen convinced me, he was the man to help us.
He said “I am a man of my word”. Allen Reback is just that, A MAN OF HIS WORD.

We thank Allen for his communication and hard work in those first 24 hours. We are relieved and feel confident we will have a payment plan in the works within a few weeks. We have a team of 3 people who will assist us in this process and each person has done exactly what Allen said they would do.

Mr. Levy answered the phone once when I called that first day. He was very appreciative of my call and asked if there were ever an issue I needed assistance on, to not to hesitate to call him directly. Later that evening, both Mr. Levy and Allen called me directly to thank me for trusting them to help me. A personal touch on top of their professional assistance.

We would recommend Allen and LEVY & ASSOCIATES to anyone in need of help with their tax debt with the IRS.


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Pauline September 2014

Just a note to let you know what a blessing your company has been to me and my husband. Your staff has taken so much stress from our lives. There is absolutely no way we could have navigated through the IRS system without your staffs assistant. Whenever I contacted your company with questions or concerns they always responded with kindness and professionalism, I didn't feel like a client but I felt like a friend. I want to thank you and your staff for always being there for us.

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M.B. September 2014

I have to say that I truly appreciate and am grateful for the work you all have done in resolving this matter for me. When I first came with $28K tax lien, the odds of such a tremendous success seemed insurmountable. Given that you were able to resolve the matter for a total payment of $1300 in a relatively short time period, is really a testament to the level of skill your office has. Thank you again for the work that you all did to resolve this so successfully!

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Stephanie A. August 2014

I want to thank Kim and Allen for all their help with my case. Two years ago I ended up with a huge tax bill, I called the IRS after several phone calls later we finally came to an agreement which I was paying on time every month.. Then one day I received a letter to pay bill in full or else! I immediately called the IRS who after much debating reinstated my payment plan but said they were filing a Lien on my credit and threatened to take any money from my account and take money from my paychecks. I owed the IRS $83,000 and I only made $13.50 and hour now and was supporting my son! I was nervous, and felt alone.. I couldn't sleep i was terrified they would take money I needed to feed and care for my son. I called Levy and Associates and Allen assured me I would be ok, he would do everything in his power to help me. He and Kim walked me through the whole process which was surprising easy considering the severity of it all. It took awhile as I'm sure you know the IRS does not move quickly, but during the waiting game they kept in contact and were always there to reassure I would be ok. With the help of the firm the IRS never took any money from my paycheck or account and for once I was able to sleep all night without worry! After all said and done my final payment to the IRS was only $50 and no it's not a typo my $83,000 bill became $50!! Thanks so much Allen and Kim I feel as though you have given me my life back!

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Vicky N. August 2014

I would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to you and your staff! Our companies had serious State of Michigan and IRS tax issues and after my initial conversation with your company, your staff stepped in and took care of everything very quickly. I was amazed at the vast knowledge your employees had from the initial conversation to the very end. Our previous accountants, were never available and were difficult to talk to. It was an extreme pleasure to transfer our business to Levy & Associates, because of your staff’s knowledge and friendly service, and they are always available to answer all of my questions.
I would highly recommend Levy & Associates to anyone who asks me. You guys are truly the best!

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Peggy S. August 2014

The levy group came to my rescue when my company got behind on payroll taxes. Lawrence levy and his associates jumped right in and handled the IRS and took care of the problems I was having swiftly and professionally . The levy group did an outstanding job for me! the people I had prior to the levy group did nothing except get me in deeper with the IRS. thanks to Lawrence and his people I can now sleep at night. I would highly recommend the levy group for all your IRS issues. get the peace of mind that its handled! thank you Lawrence!

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Edwin H August 2014

You did a very good job for me and I will recommend you.

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David July 2014

I am writing this testimonial and recommendation in an effort to provide my highest recommendation of Levy and Associates. Receiving letters from the IRS can be an extremely sensitive and emotional situation where they have the power to levy bank account, garnish wages and other actions with the press of a button on a computer.
I reached out to Levy and Associates following the receipt of one of their letters and my case was handled personally by Lawrence Levy their CEO.
Mr. Levy immediately made me feel comfortable and assured me that his firm would work diligently to ensure that I was protected and make all best efforts to resolve my situation.
Working with Mr. Levy and his very professional team it was apparent that they had a true dedication to customer satisfaction and their moral character is some of the strongest I have seen in firms I have worked with in many situations in addition to tax defense which in these days is extremely rare.
I would like to provide to you my highest recommendation for Levy and Associates and encourage anyone reading this and considering a firm to provide tax defense to not think twice about retaining Mr. Levy and his team.
I hope and trust this information is valuable and wish all best of luck.

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(undisclosed) June 2014

One of our clients was under close scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service for their role in a now defunct business. As a result of Levy & Associate's relentless efforts to correct the facts in this case, the client was released from all of their potential tax liability which was allegedly approaching one million dollars. We thoroughly appreciate all the assistance we received from Levy & Associates and would sincerely recommend this firm to anyone else seeking help with the IRS or financial issues.

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Alex C. June 2014

When I received a letter from the IRS, I didn't have a clue on why they were sending me a letter with an outstanding balance. I tried calling for 2 weeks but no luck in speaking with anyone, but a voicemail. Finally, I did receive a call back from an IRS agent stating that I had to pay up $18000.00 including penalties, because of the mistakes that were done on my taxes in the course of 3 years. I respectfully asked her what I can do in this matter. She replied nothing at this point, just sign the paperwork and get in a payment plan. She stated you signed for your taxes therefore, your responsible for everything. Being a former Marine and always dotting my i's and crossing my t's I was confused on what happened on my taxes.
Luckily, I am a fan of 850 AM radio and I remembered listening to the Levy & Associates show on Saturdays with situations like mine and even worse.I made an appointment and from the moment I met Lawrence and Marc I was impressed by there grasp of accounting and tax principles. Upon looking at my IRS paperwork within the first 15 minutes they told me something just did not look right. An hour after leaving the office, I receive a call from Marc confirming that the IRS made a $4500.00 mistake and it was immediately corrected. At that moment I knew I was in good hands and they were fighting for me. During the course of the day they kept in touch with myself in a professional and diligent manner and on the same day Marc resolved everything for me. My last 2 weeks of thinking on how I owed the IRS $18000.00 to bringing it down to $7000.00 is truly amazing work from Mark. Once again thank you Levy & Associates, Inc. in helping me with this manner.

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Dave & Debbie W. June 2014

Rarely in this world do you find people much less an entire company that do what they say they will do. Levy & Associates, Lawrence Levy and Kim Phan are just such people!! They did what they said they would do and in spectacular form!! BRAVO!

My husband is a disabled Vietnam Veteran who is no longer able to work and I’m a full time caregiver. At one time we owned our own business until my husband became so ill that he could no longer work. We had a large tax burden that we could not pay and the stress from the IRS was unimaginable. We did not know where to turn to resolve our problems.

There are many tax assistance firms out there that make exaggerated claims of assistance. WE KNOW this first hand. Several years ago we hired one of these major firms that advertised nation wide making promises that they could not meet. All they did was take an exorbitant amount of money from us and left us with broken promises and no resolutions. Needless to say this firm is no longer in business.

Feeling that we could do a better job of making an offer in compromise ourselves we attempted to get the IRS to listen to our situation. Saying it was complex is an understatement. Our first offer was naturally declined so we appealed the decision. As the deadline approached to respond to the appeal we grew more and more concerned and the stress was unimaginable.

When my husband and I were at our wits end, stressed and under pressure from the IRS, Lawrence and Kim came to our rescue. A true answer to our prayers. The day before our response to our appeal over our offer in compromise my husband and I prayed earnestly for help. We somehow were lead to Levy & Associates. After speaking with Lawrence we felt that this was the help and assistance we were praying for from our Heavenly Father. It is our belief there are no coincidences in life every incident you encounter and every person you meet were preordained. We truly believe that our Father in Heaven lead us to Levy & Associates. After all how many company CEO’s will call you from an airport when they are leaving on vacation with their family?? But this is exactly what Lawrence did!!

Lawrence and Kim listened with real concern to our situation. They did not criticize or condemn our choices instead they offered real solutions. Lawrence and Kim always responded to our questions. We know that Levy & Associates worked very hard for us. Even when we thought things looked their bleakest, Kim and Lawrence kept working for our benefit. They always kept us informed of their progress and the IRS concerns.

We owed the IRS a lot of money. LOTS and LOTS OF MONEY, money we didn’t have and no way to repay it all. WE made an offer that even Lawrence and Kim didn’t think they could get done. Lawrence and Kim YOU underestimated YOUR ability!!!

When it comes to real solutions and honest answers we will always refer to your firm!! You were spectacular guys!!! Talk about a great resolution! We’ve already paid our offer in compromise and we are waiting for the release of lien. NO MORE STRESS!! Levy & Associates is a top-notch firm and we wish you all the best.


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Portia May 2014

I want to extend my utmost appreciation to the team at Levy & Associates.
My recent experience with Levy and Associates was amazing.

When my employer received the notice of garnishment I was devastated. I had put off filing my taxes and the inevitable had finally occurred and everything came to head. I had minimal time to find help with my taxes and too stop the impending levy.

Upon my first call to Levy and Associates I was reassured that this could be handled. A consummate team of professionals was assigned to my case. I was reassured by Lawrence Levy personally that though my situation was not good it could be fixed. Every resource they had was made available to me and within days they were able to stop the garnishment, file all my back taxes and they assist me with the terms of payment to the IRS that would fit my budget and get me to point of resolution.

I cannot say enough about the level of professionalism that was extended to me. I would highly recommend Levy & Associates to anyone that needs help in understanding and addressing their tax problems. My advice is don’t wait. Consult Levy & Associates today!

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Ken H. May 2014

Thanks to Levy & Associates, I have my life back. They settled my $23,000.00 debt for $2.600.00. That's something I could live with. They were there whenever I had questions. I even had a scam phone call supposedly from the IRS, saying that they would do the worst financial thing imaginable. My first call was to Levy and they had an answer in minutes about the scam! these guys are definitely on my "A" list and I recommend them to whoever I can! Thanks again!

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Katherine March 2014

After being in a hospital over three months in 2012 with a death-threatening disease, I had yet to deal with the IRS (having lost my job and on disability). I had to deplete savings, my 401K and everything I had worked for all my life to try and keep my home.
I had everything worked out with my bank and what I thought was a "commitment" from the IRS. Then came the good and bad news, the IRS determined my $12,000 was "non-collectable" due to my illness, but then IRS placed a lien on my home so my bank could not proceed with my home loan modification. FORECLOSURE WAS IMMINENT.

Many Tax Firms sent notice letters to "help", but NONE like Levy and Associates. Upon my first call to Levy and Associates, I did not get a "sales pitch"; Mr. Levy himself LISTENED. Now, the IRS has released the lien (even during the Government Shutdown in Nov. 2013). My bank has entered into a modified loan for me. Mr. Levy, you have a wonderful staff and it shows not only great leadership and integrity; but personal involvement and dedication to resolve my IRS issue prevailed. In summary, I now have my home! I will continue to pass on the good you and your firm does for others.

Whenever you or your wonderful staff wants a "Down Home Southern" dinner, you shall all have a seat at my table!

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Rob F. February 2014

My company has worked with the team at Levy and Associates for the past 2 years on extremely difficult tax matters involving the IRS as well as several state jurisdictions.

As a business owner, going through these situations is one of the most stressful experiences you can imagine. Threatening letters coming in on a regular basis, tough phone calls with revenue agents and the uncertainty of your future all add up to a misery that most people cannot comprehend.

The day we engaged Lawrence and his team at Levy and Associates, I immediately felt a relief and hope that I thought I may never feel again. Everyone that I have worked with at Levy and Associates makes it very clear through their energy and actions that they are very invested in you and getting great results on your behalf. Even though we faced a multi-million dollar liability, the Levy team was able to negotiate substantial relief from penalties as well as negotiate the release of a levy on our bank account from the State of Michigan.

The value that Levy and Associates provide is tough to calculate. The financial value is obvious. The fees we paid for their services were dwarfed by the amount of money we saved with their help. The amount of time saved, stress relieved and hope given is incalculable.

I cannot say enough about the difference that Lawrence and his team have made in my life and highly recommend them to handle your toughest tax issues.

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Allen R. January 2014

I just wanted to say hello and thank Levy & Associates for the work you did for me in helping to resolve my tax problems. It took a while, but with your help I did get money back just as you said I would. I am definitely looking forward to using the Levy group for preparing our 2013 returns. I just received my W-2 a few days ago and I actually can’t wait to tackle this tax season with Levy. Hope everything is going well for you and wish you a great 2014!

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Cindy W. November 2013

Upon receiving the dreaded IRS notification to audit our 2009 tax return, I (the wife) immediately went into panic mode. Not knowing which way to turn, we Googled the Better Business Bureau for tax attorneys and found that Levy & Associates was listed as a BBB Accredited Business. With that one phone call to Allen in the Boca Raton, FL branch, we knew the right company had been contacted. Allen and Marc immediately went to battle with the IRS on our behalf. The first settlement arrived and we were ready to pay and get this behind us. After taking Marc’s advice to appeal, the second settlement arrived and it was almost half the amount of the first one. During this game of cat and mouse with audit one, we received a second IRS audit notification for 2010. Marc was contacted and once again, he went right to work. He performed a miracle on this audit with us owing ZERO to the IRS. We would highly recommend Levy & Associates to anyone battling the IRS. They are very professional and will immediately put your mind at rest. Every time we called either Allen or Marc was available to answer our questions and that one attribute was the most reassuring of them all.

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Sunny Ben August 2013

March is one of the easiest going people I have worked with. Always professional and VERY responsive to any requests/problems that may arise.

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Jack Hendrick August 2013

Starting my new business Marc Schiller has guided me thru the process. Knowlegable and convienient to get a in touch with. I'm confident I am in good hands and would recommend his service and this firm with no hestitation.

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Pelleas Chan July 2013

Outstanding service and accounting knowledge provided by March Schiller

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Sandra V. July 2013

Thank You Levy and associates for taking the time to review my case which was completely botched by another tax law office. You were more then gracious in your willingness to help me get things settled with my tax debt. Your office was very knowledgeable in the tax laws and my case and what you could do to help me get it settled. I would not hesitate to call you again should I ever need help with any other tax matters. Much thanks to you and your well educated team.

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Ben Krisnova June 2013

Finally a tax firm that does exactlly what they say they will do my husband and I had the pleasure working with Marc Schiller who does a great job even Lawrence Levy personally contacted us often

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Jonathan Webster June 2013

I think stetpahnie brierley is a hiuge asset to your company. she gave me great detailed information and always shoes that she cares.

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Chris Nelson April 2013

Excellent firm. A pleasure to work with Marc, Lawrence, and Gary. Highly recommend to anyone wanting a top-notch accounting firm and tax experts to help with business or personal matters.

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Mike Lopez March 2013

Levy & Associates has been providing multiple types accounting services for myself and my business for three years and I have had no problems from day one.

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Jay and Diana February 2013

I want to thank you and your dedicated staff for everyone's exceptionally professional and personal assistance my wife and I received regarding our recent tax issues. Levy & Associates took on a critical and extremely stressful situation for us and resolved it expeditiously and professionally. We were treated with the utmost respect and encouraged with confidence by your team that our issues could be resolved. We were both very impressed with the simple fact that no matter who we worked with at Levy & Associates, no matter who picked-up the phone, whether it was you personally, our accountant or the receptionist, every one of your team members treated us and our case in a calm and professional manner with a sense of urgency, as if our problem was the only important issue at that moment. I just wanted you to know we greatly appreciated and are forever grateful for the expertise of your team and the results your of team's efforts and would highly recommend Levy and Associates to anyone with tax concerns.

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Wordy Machin January 2013

have used Levy & Assoc. for both personal and corporate tax services. When I first contacted this company I had a tax lein problem for over $20k and they were able to correct the previous tax accounting problem done by another firm and reduce my liability to $8k. This started our relationship and I currently use them for all my personal returns as well as corporate audit situations. I am extremely happy with Marc and his team and would recommend their professional services to anyone needing competent tax help.

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Nick W. January 2013

I’m writing you to express my thanks for the tremendous work performed by you and your staff on my behalf. My particular situation was anything but common, and I was unsure if anyone was able to help. I’m not sure if you are aware, but I learned of your company from a mailing advertisement. That said, Levy and Associates was not the first call I made in my search to discover if anyone had the knowledge or resolve to assist in the tax issue affecting me and my business. What set Levy and Associates apart was the focus your team placed on my dilemma. Due to the unique nature of my situation, consideration needed to made for the legal, accounting, and financial aspects. Levy and Associates was up to the challenge and had the expertise and resources to address every facet. I must admit, there were times when I doubted we would prevail, yet the regular updates and follow up reflected the tenacity and unflinching will of your team. Upon learning of the positive outcome, we all shared a victory cheer. It was then that I knew I wasn’t just some client on a ledger. I appreciate everything you did for me and recommend you to all my friends and family. I wish you all the best Lawrence!

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Duane January 2013

My name is Duane , Santa Clarita California. I am 48 years old and the father of 4 beautiful daughters. I have worked in the film industry for most of my career. I was unfortunately caught in the financial downturn of our economy. Between the housing crash and loss of work along with an injury, I was unable to pay my taxes for three years in a row. I was losing sleep, and sick to my stomach every day wondering how I was ever going to be able to catch up with my bills and most of all, Uncle Sam. I owed a substantial amount of money and with penalties and interest, there was absolutely no way out. Fortunately I had the right people on my side who helped me every step of the way to not only get my case resolved, but completely dismissed. Absolutely did not expect that outcome, I am so grateful and forever indebted to The Levy Group. They literally saved my life. That is not an understatement. Once again, Thank You to The Levy Group....!!!!!

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F.K. September 2012

So now I know what it feels like to be afraid of the mailbox! And forget answering the phone! There's nothing quite like the uncertainty you feel when there's a chance the IRS may show up at your door! Because, like most people, I did NOT want to live that way, and truly didn't believe I deserved to, I checked out my options. Going in I knew we had a unique story, which I later found out, was not so unique sadly! A builder had stolen all our money, left us with little more than the shell of a house, and people banging on our door to be paid! He bankrupted us, got us sewed, stiffed us with a huge project, and no money to do it. And to top it all off, at this point I got pregnant and my husband wasent working! Still not sure how we pulled it off, but I know what saved us from actually having to give up possessions and having what pay we did get, be levied! After seeking assistance from another tax solution company that took our money, and did absolutely nothing to help us, and using one person, tho honest and hard working, not knowledgable, untrained in my situation and frankly, nervous to make another mistake knowing we couldn't survive it again, I found Levy and associates. Luckily, a neighbor, an ex-IRS agent, had worked with Lawrence himself and said she herself would trust him if tables were turned! Walking in, nervous and afraid of what reality may lie ahead, I was surprisingly put right at ease! I was not talked down to, like some dummy who just didn't want to pay my taxes, but educated on options, laws and ways to make a solution fit a situation! Everyone in the office took part in my case, like a family would. They never stopped until (and even after) resolution! It was something I never thought I would see! It was manageable, understandable, and most of all, acceptable and I know it wouldn't have happened without them! When I felt desperate, they made it go away! LEGALLY! I highly recommend them to anyone scared, nervous or desperate to get out of a bad tax situation! Oh, and now I use them for all my tax needs every year, now that's trust!

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Jeff S. August 2012

Our companies, like many in Michigan, suffered the effects of the 2010 recession and were several hundred thousand dollars delinquent in payroll taxes. At the advice of our accountant, we contracted the services of a local attorney who ended up lacking the in-depth knowledge and experience and good working relationships with the IRS to reach a suitable solution. Finally, after our bank accounts were levied and we were faced with missing payroll, we decided to change course and gave Levy and Associates a call. We called Levy and Associates Michigan office well after 5 pm on a Monday. We expected to reach someone’s voicemail, but much to our surprise, we spoke directly with Lawrence Levy. Immediately, Lawrence and his team went to work. The next morning, we met with the Levy team. They immediately put a plan of action together which resulted in: A) a release of our funds from bank levy, B) an installment agreement that allows us to pay back our debt while continuing operations, and C) even got us a partial refund on the monies paid to our first attorney. IRS issues are nothing to mess with. Levy and Associates have the knowledge, experience and good working relationships with the IRS necessary to resolve the seemingly hopeless.

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Barry W. August 2012

I hope you never get to share my experience of answering a knock at your front door and having the IRS agent sent to see you ask to come in. My reaction was to hire Levy and Associates, who completely took over and we are now close to a resolution of my tax issues. I hired Lawrence and his team because I specifically didn't want to work with a one or two person firm like a ‘mom & pop’ shop. I wanted a national firm with extensive experience in dealing with the IRS to at least attempt to level the playing field since the IRS is such a powerful arm of the U.S. government. My Levy & Assoc team comprises of CPAs and lawyers with Lawrence coordinating everything at the ‘hub’ of this ‘wheel’. I have the direct phone numbers of my team and they respond quickly to any and all requests for them to contact me whenever I need them. For me personally, working with Lawrence and his associates, is the difference between my sleeping at night, or staying awake worrying. I recommend them to help solve all of your tax resolution problems.

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Mark M. July 2012

We are happy to provide our highest recommendation to LEVY & ASSOCIATES, INC. tax professionals. Our Company was under audit review from the IRS. We used a local professional on our case, which not only did a poor job of handling our positions on the case, but missed deadlines and did not inform us of the material needed to document our deductions to the IRS. After receiving a six figure demand for payment from the IRS we became aware of the poor representation. We now had one day to respond to the IRS or loose appeal rights. We engaged LEVY & Associates, Inc., they responded in the one day period we had, was able to re-open the case with the IRS representative, and obtain the time necessary to properly document and present our positions. The result was a drastic (almost total) reduction in the amount owed to the IRS. LEVY & ASSOCIATES, INC. are knowledgeable, professional responsive and effective, with their guidance the IRS was satisfied but more importantly so were we. We will use them in the future for any IRS or State tax issue that may arise. Again I give LEVY & Associates, Inc my highest recommendation.

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Tom S. July 2012

Given the magnitude and complexity of my situation, the resolution took several years. During that time Allen was proactive, kept me informed and helped me get through the waves of anxiety that accompany a situation like this. Not only did he become a trusted advisor and representative, but also a very good friend. The situation has finally been resolved and the outcome was positive beyond any expectations I had. There is no doubt that it was a result of Allen & Danielle championing my cause and giving the extra effort to advocate on my behalf given the unique circumstances of my past and current situation. Having worked with many accountants, lawyers and advisors over the course of my career, I can safely say that the Levy team went well beyond anything I have experienced before. They are consummate professionals and dedicated and compassionate individuals. My deepest gratitude to Lawrence, Allen, Danielle, Charles and the entire Levy & Associates Team for what they have done for me. I look forward to continuing my relationship with the firm. Needless to say they have a client for life.

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Jay T. June 2012

In June of 2010 I owed over $89,000 to the IRS and nearly $28,000 to the Department of Revenue for my state. I received your information in the mail and immediately phoned you for more details. I signed a contract on June 14, 2010…I was so impressed with your staff at how diligent and quickly they worked. I was extremely pleased with the fact that through their perseverance and know how they were able to negotiate an Offer in Compromise with the IRS for the sum of $300.00. Through more months of negotiating with the Department of Revenue an Offer in Compromise was accepted for $10,000. I have told scores of people of my situation and how well your company performed. I could not be happier with the results.

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Paul M. April 2012

The professionals at Levy and Associates got me an incredible result. Mine was not a typical case. I went through bankruptcy, a messy divorce, some serious health issues, a foreclosure, and years of poor earnings. Due to my failure to file my income taxes for years, I owed the IRS more than $250,000. Levy and Associates went to work, helping me to collect the papers and information necessary to fight. They managed to get me into a position where the IRS declared my debt uncollectable; for now the pressure is off. I can't thank the people at Levy enough. If you have tax problems, they're the only answer.

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Tony February 2012

Choosing the right support in the financial area of my business is critical. When I sought out accounting and tax services, I looked for a company that had vast experience in a broad array of accounting and tax issues, including dealing with the IRS. I wanted a company that would be responsive and accessible since, as a businessman, sometimes I need an answer “at that moment”. Levy Tax Professionals has been nothing short of amazing. They certainly have been an integral part of my company’s success. By providing timely and useful information, they have allowed me to make better business decisions and increase my profitability. The responsiveness and experience of Marc Schiller has allowed me to focus on running my business without having to deal with outside distractions. I consider Levy Tax Professional to be an integral business partner for my company.

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William C. January 2012

I cannot recommend Levy & Associates, Inc. more highly. At a time when I needed help in my fight with the Internal Revenue I was forced to make a cold call to Levy & associates, Inc. based on selection of their current advertising. From the moment I made contact with the firm my fears concerning the Internal Revenue were given immediate relief. Levy & Associates took charge of my problem with the Internal revenue and began a fast course towards the solution of this problem. The associate assigned to me was overly qualified,respectful and courteous. The firm made communication with them available at any time needed making me part of the solution and encouraging me to ask questions I might be concerned about. My comfort level eventually returned to normal. The entire episode was a positive experience from the very beginning. Sound judgement and methodical application brought withdrawal of my federal tax lien to a close. I am extremelty grateful to Levy & Associates,inc.for efforts on my behalf.

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Eugene S. October 2011

Dear Friends,

I found myself buried in tax liens, deluged with threatening letters, out of work and out of ideas when I contacted Lawrence Levy. I had used their services a few years before, but slowly found myself avoiding my tax problems all over again (common thing among those with tax issues). Lawrence and I talked and we decided to continue where we had left off.

This time, with his encouragement, inspiring conversations and persistence, we managed to submit an Offer-In-Compromise.

Their work did not stop there, however.

I was then represented by Wendy Eisenshtadt, an attorney in the group, who consistently kept me informed and updated me every step of the way. At one crucial point in the negotiations, I had received an email from the IRS indicating that they were turning down my offer. This email came at 5:00 p.m. CST on a Friday afternoon. I immediately got a hold of Wendy, who had already placed a call to the case manager and "showed" her where the IRS position and analysis was wrong! Wendy was able to show the case manager the error of her ways by citing from their OWN resource manual. Had Wendy not been as familiar with the tax code as she was, which was more than the case manager's knowledge or that of her supervisor, and had she NOT jumped on it as soon as it was rejected, I would never have received the relief that I did, totaling over $40,000.

As delighted and thrilled as I was for this victory, I was immediately saddened to know that thousands of others would not have this benefit of "correcting" the IRS mistakes and faulty judgments because they didn't have Levy and Associates in their corner.

As happy as I was with this result, no one was more happy for me, or more proud of his team, than Lawrence himself. He is the most real, down-to-earth person you could ever meet, and I'm proud to call him friend.

I know from personal experience how a huge tax burden, deserved or undeserved, can weigh heavily on someone's life. I went from a very successful career in law enforcement and investigations to being one step from the streets, divorced, bitter custody battles, a failed business, and a failed twenty years of life. I know from personal experience what it's like to believe you are worth more dead than alive. I know from personal experience how the federal government could use and abuse its powers to essentially try to drain blood from a turnip.

Lawrence Levy and his Associates never once passed judgment on me for my personal failings or shortcomings. In fact, he was nothing but supportive, instilling in me that I had done all that I could under some very difficult circumstances This helped begin my process of healing and renewing my pride and self-esteem once again.

All of this was accomplished at an extremely reasonable cost and in a enormously quick amount of time, and could not have been accomplished at all without Levy and Associates.

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Barbara G. October 2011

Dear Mr. Levy,

I just had to write to you to thank you for all the help you have given us with our IRS tax problem. Today it was finally completely resolved and we received the official Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien. Believe me we are going to celebrate!

A few days after we had a death in the family, we had received a notice from the IRS that they were filing a tax lien against us. I had always planned on catching up with my taxes but life had gotten very crazy for us and I was devastated when I got the notification of the tax lien and of course it could not have come at a worse time. We were planning a funeral and I was calling a stack of letters from companies that all promised to help us. Every company seemed to have conflicting opinions and promises and they all seemed like heartless sharks looking to take advantage of our tax problem. My husband pulled your letter out of the bottom of the stack and asked if I had called your company. He suggested that I give you a call.

After I spoke to you on the phone, Mr. Levy I finally felt some hope and your caring and sincere manner really touched my heart. You were the only company that was not trying to "scare me." My husband I met with you at your offices and you introduced us to some of your staff. My husband, who is a totally non trusting New Yorker, finally began to believe that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Also, the price that you had quoted us seemed reasonable compared to the other companies I had called. You treated us with kindness and compassion. We had originally intended to meet with some other companies but we felt we could trust you and we were right.

We had 4 years of very delinquent taxes and Marc Schiller, your CPA, was a joy to work with. He was very patient with working with us to gather all our documents and what had seemed like insurmountable task of filing all these old tax returns, started to fall into place. He was kind and funny and kept reassuring me that this will all be behind you soon.

We kept in constant contact with Arnold Rose, your attorney who kept us informed of how everything was progressing and he always returned my calls the very same day. He took the time to explain things to us and always kept us in the loop of what the next step was. He was always there to calm me when I had a concern or I had received some correspondence from the IRS that was worrying me.

Even Megan Casey, in your accounting department was quick at sending me emails or returning my calls and was kind and pleasant.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is very rare to ever find a company who are nice to work with and ACTUALLY DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us to finally get this Gorilla off our backs! It is hard to describe the feeling to finally know that we will not be hounded by the IRS any longer and we have you to thank for this!

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Greg and Alison G. October 2011

Words cannot describe how happy I am with Levy & Associates and the outcome of my tax situation. As you know I have been dealing with IRS tax issues for over five years. You also know I paid a professional CPA to do an Offer In Compromise approximately three years ago and not only was it declined, it was declined on appeal too. I bring this up because I was very skeptical of paying another large fee to try the exact same thing all over again, but I am I glad I did.

Lawrence, you never promised me anything other than a resolution and in all of my crazy phone calls to your cell phone (even when you were at the dentist with your son) you never once didn't answer my question thoroughly, sent me to voicemail, or mislead me in any way. You are a straight shooter and I sincerely thank you for that.

Danielle, I realize that from the beginning my case was not a black and white case. There are disparities in my income and expenses every month because I am a commission based employee, I have business income as well as personal income, and I didn't even know what a form 433A was prior to meeting you. I cannot thank you enough for the patience you extended to me during the hundreds of emails I sent you and for responding to every one of my emails in a timely fashion and with a direct answer.

I would refer your organization to anyone I know that ever needs your type of service. And service is what you provide in the finest sense of the word.

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David R. August 2011

o me long testimonials seem contrived and quite boring, so here it my attempt to shoot it straight. Anthony Cipparone is AWESOME!!!! He was real, honest, straightforward, and didn’t sugarcoat anything. Once he took control of our case we felt a sense of relief and we would have been more than happy just getting “this over with” and having a realistic payment plan set up. What we got was over $30,000 abated in penalties and interest. I know this sounds unbelievable, but I had a medical issue that was one reason for this mess and he assisted me in drafting a letter outlining the issues and poof we saved a ton of money.

This situation is ugly and having to deal with an attorney is not very pleasant, but Anthony made it as pleasurable as possible. I would recommend to anyone who has an issue with the IRS to not only reach out the Levy Group, but beg to get Mr. Cipparone assigned to your case. Thanks Anthony we owe you BIG TIME!

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Nancy B. August 2011

Levy and Associates took my case pro bono and communicated with the IRS on my behalf regarding 941 taxes. They were able to negotiate to an 'noncollectable' status with the IRS.

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Rob B. August 2011

I whole-heartedly recommend Levy & Associates for the hard work that they have done to help defend me against the State of Michigan, I had a $300,000 tax liability assessed against me due to the failure of my business. The tax experts at Levy & Associates got the assessment against me completely cancelled.

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DR. K.B. July 2011

When I wound up having to deal with the IRS about a back taxes situation, it was probably one of the most stressful times of my entire life. I attempted to get the matter resolved several years ago and hired a local tax person to take care of it. Long story short, that person not only messed things up more than they were already, but he also took my money in the process. Tired and frustrated, I didn’t know what else to do, but then I came across an advertisement for Levy and Associates Tax Professionals. I called the number and wound up getting the head guy, Lawrence. I thought this was an accident and that he was going to refer to me to someone else who was going to listen to my story, but Lawrence, even though he was in the middle of traveling between business destinations, took all the time I needed, listened to everything I had to say, told me precisely what he could do to help, and then he actually set about doing what he said. The previous tax guys took months to do anything, and I had to stay on him to do what little he did do. Levy and Associates, on the other hand, was on the phone to my IRS revenue officer before 7:30am the very next morning! They got more done in 12 hours than the previous tax guy did in six months. Lawrence and his people are professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and straightforward. They are on point and they get the job done. Now that my case has been successfully and wonderfully resolved far beyond my expectations, I am using them for all of my tax-related business so that problems don’t get a chance to come up in the first place. I recommend them highly, and if anyone wants to get out from under an IRS headache, Levy and Associates are the people to help you!

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Kenny N. April 2011

After a financially devastating divorce, I was left with a tax bill which was beyond my means. In 2 years, my debt with the IRS surpassed $30,000. After 3 more years of ignoring my arrears, the IRS finally seized my bank accounts and left me financially frozen. I've heard so many ads for settling taxes; but have also heard so many stories that these settlement companies don't do what they promise. I decided to learn more about settling. I researched companies and spoke with every major one out there. There was only one company out of them all which carried a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. They were also the only company in which I had confidence after my initial phone call. That very day, I retained Levy and Associates to settle my tax debt for a pre-negotiated flat fee. The next day, Mr. Lawrence Levy himself called me and expressed interest in my situation and showed genuine concern about getting this out of my life. He was in my town that day, and invited me for coffee. Lawrence personally collected my paperwork and put his team of dozens to work for me. Little did he know what a challenging client he would have. I was never billed another penny after the agreed upon fee. Lawrence's team was there for me 24/7, and truly cared about my case. After 2 years of negotiating, which is much longer than the average client, Levy and Associates settled my debt to the IRS with an accepted Offer In Compromise of $500! That's about 2% of my total debt owed to the IRS. Levy and Associates helped me get on with my life, and took the biggest weight off of my shoulders. If you are searching for some way to free yourself from the IRS, contact Levy & Associates. My name is Kenny Nassar, and I'm their most satisfied customer and am willing to be contacted by potential clients who like myself, have been a victim of circumstances. I'll be happy to tell you how they changed my life, and can change yours, too.

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Kiley K. March 2011

From the first minute I spoke to Levy and Associates, I knew that I made a wise decision. Their entire staff, from the receptionist to the president were incredible to deal with. My case was assigned to Tony Cipparone, a former IRS revenue officer. I worked closely with Mr. Cipparone and through the efforts of the firm, was able to have an OIC granted. I originally owed the IRS over $20,000 and settled the entire debt for $1200.00.

They did not make any promises from day 1-and they walked me through the process step by step. They were always informative and were able to answer my questions that I had all along.

I would highly recommend the Levy team to anyone that has tax problems!

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Jan L. February 2011

When faced with IRS challenges, you need an expert on your side, fighting for you, looking out for your best interests. I found that expert in Lawrence Levy & Associates. They employ top notch former IRS employees and tax attorney's that are knowledgeable in all areas of tax law. They were able to obtain an extremely reasonable compromise for us and eliminated all our years of headaches with the IRS. Lawrence Levy & Associates are the absolutely the best!

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Barry B. December 2010

I was assessed a penalty from the IRS for almost $5000.00 due to an error on my tax return prepared by my CPA of over 30 years. I was referred to Levy & Associates as they were told to me to be the "top in the industry" for IRS problems. I initially spoke to Lawrence Levy and he ensured that my file was immediately addressed in a not only a professional manner, but, in a warm and caring fashion. He and his staff worked diligently, keeping me informed every step of the way. I was informed by one of the attorney's in the office that the IRS granted me 100% penalty abatement- and my IRS worries are now in the past. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of the efforts from the Levy office. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has tax problems.

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Sergio V. November 2010

Mr. Levy,
I want to thank you and your effective staff...from the bottom of my heat...for all your diligent work in the settlement of my tax issues with the IRS. I am especially grateful for your personal call and for your encouragement and assurance that whatever it would take, on your part, that this difficult IRS Issue would be resolved. These words truly lifted me up and gave me hope. I am also grateful for Tim's follow-up and efficiency and I am most grateful for Sarah's faithful and gracious response to all of my questions...and there were many. Her grace is to be commended. This has been a tremendous load off of my back and I did not want to move on without first thanking you and the Levy Group for an exemplary and marvelous work.

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Kathleen G. October 2010

I was mortified when the IRS garnished my wages for back taxes. I felt as if everything was hopeless. After calling several of the firms that advertise on television, I called Levy and Associates. I spoke with Lawrence and was impressed with the caring manner in which he spoke to me. I was treated with the utmost respect, courtesy, and professionalism. He and his team worked diligently and got the garnishment lifted and worked out an installment plan that was manageable. They gave me back my self esteem and peace of mind. I cannot thank them enough for the wonderful results!!

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Glen H. September 2010

I find it necessary to take the time out of my busy schedule to comment on the services your firm rendered regarding my tax case. I primarily want to get this info out to you and permit you to share this with any potential client who might be searching for the right people to handle their tax situation.

You congratulated me on the final outcome of my case but the congratulation should go to you, Tim and your staff because all of you have earned some well deserved credit. As you recall, I came to you having a disastrous experience with another company that holds itself out as the biggest and best in the country. i will hereinafter refer to the company as the "bad firm." After my experience with this bad firm and having checked out several companies, I feel because of my background as a CPA, I can make a valid and fair comparison of your firm with other firms attempting to render the same type of services.

At the time I decided to work with your company on my tax matters, the bad firm was ignoring some very important deadlines that would deprive me of certain rights should they not be met. Because of their inefficiency and not really understanding how to work with the tax authorities, my case was on the verge of possibly going criminal. You and your staff immediately acknowledged the deadlines, met them, and got my case back on track which was to get me away from any criminal consideration.

You knew exactly how and what had to be taken care of at all times. When any type of notice was received from the tax authorities you were onto it immediately. It was only a short time after engaging your services that i knew i was in the right hands and could have confidence that i was now working with the best of the best. I certainly will refer you to anyone who needs help with their tax matters.
One thing that your firm does specifically that leads to successful resolution of cases is that you inform your clients what they need to do on their part and when it comes to you doing your part you do it as a team. It was most common that when i needed to talk to you about my case, you had all the essential staff members on a conference call with me at the time. You also conducted yourself in the same manner in handling the tax authorities on any issue they raised. You and your people work together as a great team and this, I feel, is extremely important in handling these issues. You personally always stayed involved which I think also contributed greatly to the success.

What most people do not realize is that working tax resolution cases is a profession or specialty of its own. Again, as I encountered various things during the tedious process, you and your staff knew how to handle the situation and your team efforts always got things done expediently and efficiently. Without this one's case could very well turn against you as i experienced with the bad firm I engaged prior to your firm.

Lat but not least is the matter of what one can expect to pay for such services which I am sure every client is concerned. I personally paid the bad firm more than what you charged and yet you rendered many times the amount of services. Most firms want huge amounts up front and many times accomplish getting those fees by using scare tactics of what the tax authorities will do to you without their involvement. You didn't do that. You stayed ethically professional. I feel you earned every bit of what I had to pay you for your services. You helped me save many times that in the final outcome.

Lawrence, many thanks for a professional job well done. Considering all of the circumstances relative to my case, we did in fact have a favorable outcome. Keep up the good work and I hope many clients will appreciate what you can do for them.

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Mabasa N. August 2010

The IRS advised me that their records showed that I owed over $50,000 in back taxes. The Levy Group worked diligently with me and a couple weeks ago, the IRS advised me that my offer of $500 had been accepted. I could not have asked for a better resolution.

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Elva J. August 2010

We contacted The Levy Group back in July of 2009 to help with our tax issues that were looming over our head. After speaking with other tax agencies that specialize in the same type of work, The Levy Group was always professional and understanding of our delicate situation. Your team has been diligent and knowledgeable making us feel like we made the right choice. Thank you for taking us under your wing and working with the IRS and State in our behalf. We also want to thank you for your positive attitudes and willingness to explain every detail until we understand completely. We know the ride isn't over yet, but we have confidence in your support...Thank You.

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Mark R. August 2010

The expert tax-team of accountants, lawyers and professional staff at Levy & Associates provided me with excellent service in helping resolve a six-figure tax bill with the IRS. Their kind and courteous approach in working with me, explaining clearly all the issues involved, concerning my tax problems, was a real comfort and gave me piece of mind. I strongly recommend Levy & Associates for resolving any and all tax matters.

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Jeff M. August 2010

I can't thank you and your staff enough for what you have helped me through. Rarely is the service advertised as good as the advertisement, however with regard to your company it is much better. I will refer as many people as I can to your office.

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Eric August 2010

After years of stressing over my tax issues with the IRS, I contacted Levy and Associates. These people are the real deal. Personable, brilliant and reliable. They were responsive and always available to me. Best part, they got the job done and did so painlessly. They negotiated a deal with the IRS that was well beyond my expectations and very financially manageable. I’m truly, truly in their debt. Thanks to Lawrence and the team for a job truly well done.

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Kevin C. November 2009

I am very pleased, to say the least, that i called Levy and Associates in general and Allen in particular have proven to be incredibly accessible, responsive and trustworthy. They have been there every step of the way in helping me to navigate the settlement process with New York State and the IRS. i recommend them unequivocally!

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Reginald M. November 2009

Not sure how they do it but whenever I call they make me feel like they work for me. No matter how busy Allen is, He always has time for me!

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Maryann M. November 2009

The tax consultants at Levy and Associates helped our family with a balance of $7,422.24 owed to the State of Michigan. Lawrence Levy took care of the balance completely. He was efficient and worked in a timely manner. Now my husband and I have peace of mind. To anyone in need of tax help, do not hesitate to call Levy and Associates. Lots of thanks!

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Deborah B. November 2009

I owed the IRS over $35,000. The Levy Group was able to completely remove the liability and also was able to have the IRS refund money that they had erroneously taken. I can’t begin to thank them enough for their efforts!

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Michael A. November 2009

When I decided it was time for me to take care of my income tax liability I started receiving letters from companies all over the United States. I thought I would contact Levy & Associates because they had an office in Indianapolis and I was living close to that city at the time. After checking with the Better Business Bureau I made an appointment with Mr. Levy and have not regretted my choice of Levy & Associates. From the first meeting Mr. Levy and his associates walked me through the process with a high degree of skill, professionalism, and optimism. They always made me feel important and treated me as a person not a case number. I really appreciated that. When the IRS made their first offer I began to lose hope but they encouraged me to appeal, which I did, and they were then able to work with the tax agent and reached an offer that I could now afford to repay saving me tens of thousands of dollars.

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John C. November 2009

I’ve been going back and forth with a local IRS agent for some time with little results. They were about to garnish my pay again for the second time when I decided to call Mr. Levy for advise but instead he made one phone call and the garnishment was lifted after informing the IRS agent the request she wanted was not valid and not required under the tax code. An agreement was reached in less than 24 hours. Thanks again for your expertise in this matter.

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George E. November 2009

I faced a high six-figure back tax obligation to the IRS, caused by undisciplined financial management, late filing, under withholding and underpayment of taxes over several years. This situation was very embarrassing, and threatened my executive job and marriage. I tried dealing directly with the IRS, but I didn't know my rights and options for resolving the situation. Just as the IRS was about to file a levy and garnish my wages, I received a post card in the mail from Levy & Associates. I made an appointment with one of their associates and started getting the professional help I needed. The cost was fair, with highly responsive and supportive service. Levy's professionals represented me in dealing with IRS, shielding me and my wife from emotional strain and from making uninformed decisions. They helped me establish a fair repayment plan, taking into consideration my individual financial situation.

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