The Only Acceptable Reasons for Not Paying Taxes on Time

Paying taxes every year is a duty of all Americans. When the April deadline comes around, all taxpayers are required to have their tax returns sent in and completed correctly. Failing to do so results in penalties, IRS intervention and worse. But is there ever a time where not paying taxes on time is okay?

The short answer is yes, there are certain circumstances a taxpayer may find themselves in that lets them avoid tax penalties for filing late. These circumstances do not include forgetfulness, a busy schedule or other excuses that many taxpayers often give the IRS when they cannot get their return in on time.

The following reasons are often valid reasons to not pay taxes on time:

  • Death: if the taxpayer dies or a family member dies close to deadline, the IRS will often work with the taxpayer and/or his or her family to avoid penalties and get taxes in when possible.
  • Military service: If a taxpayer is serving in the armed forced is in a combat zone, they are excused from the tax deadline along with their spouse.
  • Unavailability of the IRS: If the IRS is not able to help with a return in the allotted time before the return is due, you will likely be able to push the deadline without penalty.
  • Severe Illness: If you are in the hospital or suffering from an extreme illness near tax time, you may be excused from any IRS late penalties.

There have been other situations where the courts require the IRS to reverse late penalties, but the chances of that happening are slim. Simply not having the funds to pay your taxes or being too busy with life to get them in on time are not valid excuses and can result in hefty fines and IRS troubles. If you are unable to get your tax return in on time yourself, consider enlisting the help of a trusted tax professional like Levy Tax & Associates. Our associates will take over your return demands and ensure that your taxes are not only filed on time, but filed accurately. If your issue is funds, our tax professionals can help you work with the IRS to come up with payment plans to ensure you still pay what is owed. For more information about how we can help you avoid the IRS, visit our website.

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