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What Does Currently Not Collectible Cnc Mean

Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status is reserved for individuals who lack the ability to pay any portion of the taxes they owe. This goes beyond merely not having sufficient income. You cannot have any resources at all to use. This means you cannot have any credit cards, no ability to receive a loan from a bank, nor any friends from whom you can borrow.  

Obtaining CNC status is difficult, but it should always be considered if you are unemployed or your income barely meets your living expenses.  In order to receive CNC status, you will need to show the IRS that you do not have the assets to pay the taxes owed.  To establish the lack of ability to pay, the IRS will want to see a financial statement detailing all assets and expenses (IRS Form 433-F).  While penalties and interest will continue to accrue, the IRS will cease all collection efforts until you get to a financial situation where you can begin to make payments. During the CNC period, you will still need to file your taxes and keep them current.  

If granted CNC status, the statute of limitations still runs during this period for taxes owed. The statute of limitation for taxes owed the IRS is 10 years.  If the 10 year period runs out and the taxes are not collected, the taxes are wiped out.  As a result, many people have remained in a CNC status for years and as a result of the statute of limitations expiring, have ended up not owing anything for the taxes during that period. 

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