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When Should You Hire A Tax Attorney

Determining the ideal moment to hire a tax attorney can be tricky, and often people wait just a little bit too long to seek help and end up paying more than they otherwise would have to. Here are some signs that may indicate it’s time to seek a professional advocate.

  • If the IRS is auditing you, it is often very useful to have legal representation. If you aren’t a tax professional yourself, then it is likely that a lot of the jargon makes little sense to you, so simply having an experienced professional who can speak the language will help immeasurably.
  • If the IRS is bringing criminal charges against you, it’s absolutely time to interview and hire an attorney. The chances of you emerging from this situation unscathed without one are almost zero.
  • If you receive a CP notice, you may want to consult an attorney simply to put your mind at ease.

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